Coach O’s Mom On 60 Minutes, Carson Wentz Booed By Virtual Fans & CPG Attempts Matthew Wolff Swing

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Bars reopened in Las Vegas overnight

The big news this morning in Las Vegas, besides the Chargers covering against the Chiefs, has to be the bars reopening. Some bars across Clark County, Nevada have been closed for six months. Downtown casinos celebrated the reopening with the likes of Derek Stevens at The D treating it like a New Year’s Eve. The earth is healing and bars opening in Vegas is Mother Nature telling us she wants us to start thinking about planning a guy’s bender weekend. It’s beyond time to make that happen.

In NFL news, pray for Carson Wentz in Philadelphia where the Eagles are 0-2 and it was beyond ugly Sunday against the Rams. Wentz had two interceptions and he was even booed by the virtual fan noise. See below.

If you thought that was a bad day from Wentz, how about Kirk Cousins day in Indianapolis. He was 11 of 26 for 113 yards and three interceptions. Or you could wake up this morning as a member of the Atlanta Falcons. LAND ON THE FOOTBALL…THE COWBOYS CAN’T TOUCH IT FOR 10 YARDS.

Finally, in case you didn’t stay up for Russell Wilson’s performance, he threw for FIVE touchdowns against the Patriots. Remember when Belichick tried to use his psychology masters degree to build up Russ by saying he didn’t see anybody better? Turns out Russ wasn’t going to let Bill out smart his brain. With Jimmy G and Bosa going down, it’s starting to feel like a Kyler Murray vs. Russ showdown to win the west. Weird times, indeed.

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