Coach O Gets Roasted By UCLA Twitter Following Upset

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Some days, you open Twitter and scroll through a cluttered newsfeed to find a group of Karens talking about why your home-based turtle should be wearing a mask. Other days, you stumble across blue check marks sharing edited photos of their midnight snack, clearly under the impression that people genuinely care to see what they have just shoved down their throats.

But on very rare occasions, a college campus embarks on a Twitter mission to troll. And all is well again in the Twittersphere.

The latest example of a well-conceived tweet came at the expense of LSU head coach Ed Orgeron:

Over the weekend, the UCLA football recruiting Twitter account mocked the polarizing Orgeron hours after the Bruins upset his Tigers. In the aptly titled “Geaux Bruins” video, Orgeron walks into the Rose Bowl ahead of his team’s clash with the Bruins, led by Chip Kelly. Coach O confidently tells an onlooking Bruin fan to “bring your ass on, in your sissy blue shirt.”

Much to Orgeron’s surprise, the blue shirts of UCLA proved to be anything but sissies. The Bruins upset LSU 38-27, leaving Coach O and his Tigers feeling blue and gifting UCLA a prime trolling opportunity.

Following Orgeron’s pregame banter, the “Geaux Bruins” video then cuts to Bruins players getting down to “Get the Gat,” a song by Lil Elt that was made famous by the Tigers’ 2019 national championship team. Following their title win, LSU went viral for doing the “Get the Gat Challenge” at the White House.

This version of “Get the Gat” likely won’t be as popular with Tiger fans.

“Geaux Bruins” concludes with the game’s final score appearing over video of an elated and light-footed group of Bruins in the post-game locker room.

Coach O might want to avoid his Twitter mentions. And any sissy blue shirts.


Written by Anthony Farris

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