Coach K is Enjoying His Retirement by Feeding $100 Bills into a Slot Machine

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Retired Duke basketball head coach Mike Krzyzewski is putting his estimated $100 million in career earnings to good use. At the casino.

The 75-year-old was spotted at a casino recently sitting in front of a slot machine. According to the caption of the video, Coach K was feeding the machine $100 bills without any luck.

The video, which appears to have been taken last month, went viral over the weekend. It shows the coaching legend sitting alone in an almost empty casino seemingly enjoying his retirement.

That was until he noticed he was being recorded. When Coach K realized that someone had walked up on him with a camera he gave the cameraman his signature stink eye look.

After receiving the stink eye the cameraman turns the camera away from the coach. The cameraman then asked, “Any luck so far?” The video ends shortly after that.

The cameraman got a brief look at it and wanted nothing to do with it

I think there are a few takeaways from Coach K sitting in front of a slot machine feeding an endless stream of $100 bills. The first thing is that he takes losing money much better than he takes losing basketball games.

Unless of course shortly after the video ended he pretended to faint and fell to the ground. If that happened then I take that back.

Another takeaway is his stink eye still works. The cameraman got a brief look at it and wanted nothing to do with it. He knew if he stared at it for too long there were only bad things coming his way.

Although if I know Coach K like I think I do, I bet he passed along an unprovoked life lesson to share with the cameraman. Depending on the man’s age. Those life lessons might be reserved for college kids on opposing teams.

Written by Sean Joseph

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