Coach K In COVID-19 Quarantine

Coach K and his wife, Mickie Krzyzewski, are currently in quarantine together. The two were recently exposed to a family member who tested positive for COVID-19, and are now taking precautions as a result.

It is a 10-day quarantine period that started last week, so the Duke head coach should be back soon. The couple doesn’t even have to be in quarantine. Both have tested negative multiple times. However, they are taking a cautious approach.

“They said the chance of you having it is minimal, but there’s a chance that you could have it,” Krzyzewski said, via The News & Observer. “I listened to Cameron Wolfe and Ned Amendola. That’s the way we’ve done it.”

Coach K made headlines last month when he pushed to have the college basketball suspended, so it’s not surprising to see him taking a cautious approach. The optics probably wouldn’t have gone over well if he didn’t.

At least he didn’t have to worry about missing the Blue Devils’ top-25 matchup against Florida State on Saturday. That game was postponed late last week due to positive tests, contact tracing and other protocols for the Seminoles.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. Where are we keeping statistics of how many NCAA, NFL and NBA players that have been hospitalized or died after being quarantined? I know it sounds like a loaded question, but honestly, we have teams with no QBs, teams with canceled games that cost $$ in revenue (TV and ad rights), kids that don’t get to get enough plays to get on a scout team in the NFL… Tell us all it was because the 72 year old coach for Chattanooga Tech was in a coma for three days… Or something.

  2. So he tested negative multiple times but there’s still a small chance he can have it? Well, what will change when he comes out of quarantine? College basketball sucks anyways. Hasn’t been good in years. I literally cant name one college basketball player. Remember when you could name entire starting 5s and some benches of all the major programs? Man, I miss those days.

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