CNN Uses Susan Glasser On-Air Hours After She Attacked Fox News Cameraman Killed In Ukraine

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CNN Global Affairs Analyst Susan Glasser posted the following tweet in response to Fox News announcing that cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski died during an attack in Ukraine:


CNN has not commented on Glasser’s tweet. Instead, the network brought Glasser on-air just hours later to discuss Ukraine on Newsroom. You can watch the segment here.

The show’s hosts Victor Blackwell and Alisyn Camerota never once asked Glasser to address her vile comment during the eight-minute segment. Shame on them, as well.

While we don’t root for companies to fire or punish employees, publishing such an incendiary remark while Zakrzewski’s family grieves — or ever — is perhaps an exception to the rule. It’s inexcusable. What a disgusting person Glasser is.

Clay Travis reacted to Glasser’s tweet on the radio Tuesday:

For that to be your immediate reaction this morning, when you hear that somebody has died on the job trying to cover the situation in Ukraine, frankly, Susan Glasser should be ashamed of herself, and her employer should be ashamed of itself. And, by the way, I would say the same thing if a New Yorker journalist had died in Ukraine and the first thing that somebody from conservative media did was attack that.

Social media in general can be dehumanizing. But when someone dies and your first thought is to attack them or their employer or… I just… Man, I just don’t get it.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Pierre Zakrzewsk’s family.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Just to be crystal clear, they’re calling a guy who does not want to escalate the violence of a war when we have bigger problems to focus on here a “Pro Putin propagandist”. If you aren’t cheering for WW3 and nuclear warfare escalation you’re “pro-Putin” now to the mainstream choir. Nothing to worry about. That’s totally normal.

    • Exactly. “Let’s give them 40 year old MIGs, that Russia built! Who cares that it will drag us into the war and cause more death while doing nothing for Ukraine! If you disagree you are a traitor!”

      Meanwhile these same fools are pushing for us to rejoin a worthless Iran nuclear deal that will only benefit Iran… and Russia. But what do you expect from a party who backs their positions by calling dissenters racist, traitors, Nazis, and deplorable instead of facts and logic.

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