CNN to Blow Up Woke, Failing Morning Show With Angry Lady

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Following the firing of Brian Stelter, CNN CEO Chris Licht plans to take the same ax to the morning show.

Licht and his team will blow up “New Day,” as first reported by Confider. This means co-hosts John Berman and Angry Morning Lady Brianna Keilar could either move to a lesser role or join Stelter and Jeffrey Toobin as former employees.

Forget Berman. Keilar is the most loathsome character at the network. Being a morning show host requires some sense of enjoyment — she has none.

Even CNN viewers don’t want to wake up to a miserable face every morning. Some mornings are fine.

John Berman and Brianna Keilar.

She’s very unhappy, on edge, and reckless with the truth. She’s like many CNN anchors but does so in the morning and to lesser success.

No one watches “New Day.” The show sucks. It has sucked for years.

Just 263,000 viewers watched the opening hour (6 am) of the show on Friday. More people watched the ESPN morning show “Get Up” than “New Day.” That’s not good.

I told Vince Coglianese on his radio show Monday that CNN could not keep this joker on-air if the plans are to redeem both its reputation and business:

Licht hopes to put “New Day” on the same pedestal as “Morning Joe” and “Fox & Friends,” the competing cable morning shows. As the former EP of “Joe,” Licht knows the value of a strong foundation in the morning.

Consider that quite the challenge. While there’s a lengthy list of improvements to Keilar, the bench at CNN remains lackluster.

Laura Coates, Van Jones, and Michael Smerconish aren’t the answers. Ideally, CNN would bring in a younger, on-the-rise broadcaster for the program. Say Whit Johnson or Tom Llamas. But both hosts are under contract with ABC and NBC, respectively.

Alas, there ought to be skepticism that Licht can turn “New Day” into the success story he hopes, even after he boots Angry Morning Lady

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. I don’t watch cnn but I have seen that fat dumb blonde before talk about a buzz kill she is just friggin awful and awful all the time who ever thought of putting that hag on should be fired like yesterday I mean come on man

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