CNN ‘Experts’ Predict Steelers Will Win Super Bowl

As the NFL’s regular season inches toward an end, Super Bowl predictions are flowing in. This year, fans have an extra resource to rely on before submitting picks of their own. In addition to football experts, Vegas and Reddit, fans can now seek analysis from…CNN.

That’s correct, a panel of CNN experts revealed who will win this year’s Super Bowl.

Naturally, you’d assume CNN’s on-air employees’ Super Bowl picks will fare better than their promise that a Blue Wave was coming in November. Though once you look closer, you’ll wonder if the former news network will, again, strikeout swinging.

For some reason, the thinking inside CNN is that the Steelers are the future Super Bowl champs. Laura Coates, Joey Jackson, Roxanne Jones, Alice Stewart, and Elliot Williams all marked down Pittsburgh.

While none of the five liberals explained how or why this will occur, Williams gave an answer that is sure to impress a few walk-by airport viewers:

“The Pittsburgh Steelers have won so many times this year, you’d think they’ve been up against President Donald Trump’s election legal team.”

This joke, if that’s what we are calling it, would’ve worked much better if Williams had picked the team that has actually won the most games, the Chiefs. However, Williams’ way of thinking still likely impressed decision-makers inside ESPN, and I will never knock someone for provocatively building leverage between networks.

The 11-3 Bills didn’t even make CNN’s list. Perhaps CNN, too, has a bias toward Josh Allen because his fans support the American flag and dogs. Or is that just ESPN?

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s brother was not involved in the activity.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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