CNN Swings And Misses With Megan Rapinoe – Alexi Lalas Graphic, Gives Excuses For USWNT’s Worst-Ever Women’s World Cup

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Former USMNT player and current Fox Sports soccer analyst had the audacity to criticize the USWNT after its early and ugly exit from the Women’s World Cup. CNN didn’t appreciate what Lalas had to say, even though what he said was factual, so it attempted to bash Lalas as a player in hopes to persuade viewers that he doesn’t have any idea what he’s talking about when it comes to the USWNT, Megan Rapinoe, or the World Cup.

Following the USWNT’s loss to Sweden in the Round of 16, the team’s earliest-ever exit from the World Cup, Lalas simply stated that the team has become unlikeable for some given its political agenda and messaging over the last handful of years.

Many members of the USWNT have pushed a radically woke, anti-American message for years. Whether it be kneeling for the National Anthem or more recently calling for transgender players to be allowed to compete on the team, their stances on certain issues have rubbed some people the wrong way.

That is simply a fact.

CNN doesn’t like facts, especially when said facts don’t align with its own political messaging.

During Monday’s edition of CNN News Central, the network decided to shade Lalas by comparing his World Record track record during his playing days to Rapinoe’s.

CNN Doesn’t Appreciate Alexi Lalas Or Facts

Former USWNT player Briana Scurry also listed lame-duck excuses about the team’s worst-ever performance claiming there were “too many rookies on the team in positions of expectation of carrying the team.” She also delivered a blanket statement about the “amazing achievements” the team has accomplished off the field and, of course, didn’t criticize the squad, the coach, or anything contributing to the bad performance.

While CNN thought it had a ‘gotcha’ moment with the Rapinoe – Lalas graphic, in reality, it just makes the network look naive and nonsensical.

First and foremost, Lalas was a defender and therefore wasn’t picking up goals and assists during his time on the field. Secondly, Lalas isn’t criticizing Rapinoe on her own, he’s simply laid out the facts that the USWNT underperformed, which they did, and that it has become unlikable to some, which it has.

Lalas would be the first person to say that Rapinoe is arguably the greatest USWNT player of all time and that his playing career isn’t even in the same stratosphere in comparison. His lack of career accolades while playing on bad USMNTs doesn’t make what he said about the USWNT not true.

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