CNN Guest Advocates For Violence Against Chris Rock, Comedians Who Make Fun Of Black Women

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A pundit told CNN that Chris Rock deserved to be slapped. Candance McDuffie says violence is a proper response when a comedian makes fun of a black woman.

On Sunday, McDuffie penned an article for The Root with the headline “Chris Rock Still Deserved to Be Slapped by Will Smith.”

She explained her advocacy for violence to Don Lemon on Tuesday. (It’s unclear if McDuffie is over 40, thus no longer in her prime.)

“It’s not so much about being slapped as much as it’s about accountability, right, he has made Black women specifically the butt of his jokes for years and he’s finally being held accountable. So I feel this kind of sets the precedent going forward that people will be more careful about how they treat black women,” McDuffie said. 

Lemon said people would focus on her words and say, “is Candace McDuffie condoning violence saying that Will Smith should have slapped Chris Rock?”

McDuffie didn’t mind said narrative, adding that while it seems “like a bit much” that violence is the “consequence” of making fun of black women in a comedic setting.

“Honestly sitting here, you know, calling Jada out of her name, making fun of her hair condition, talking about her Alopecia, words can be violent as well. And as we see black girls and women, we suffer abuse at higher rates in this country, so continuing to humiliate us only perpetuates this,” she continues.

McDuffie wants violence. As does a Carnegie Mellon University professor who Sunday said Will Smith was “right to slap” Rock.

(We asked the university if it had a comment on a professor calling for violence. We await a response.)

Via Fox News.

Essentially, McDuffie calls for black women to be off-limits for Chris Rock, as black women are for most comedians.

McDuffie’s outrage mirrors that of the smear campaign aimed at Dave Chappelle in 2021 following his Netflix special “The Closer.” Rock and Chappelle do not discriminate on stage. They mock all groups, genders, races and sexual orientations.

Chappelle and Rock differ from most forms of comedy in 2023. Most so-called “comedy brands” now focus almost exclusively on white people, Donald Trump, and “Karens.”

See “SNL,” “The Daily Show” and late-night television for proof.

Here at OutKick, we prefer comedians not abide by restrictions on the basis of race, but deride anyone in the news who deserves it.

And we prefer them not to be met with violence. We are different from Candance McDuffie in that way. 

Written by Bobby Burack

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