CNN Economic Commentator Lunatic Floats Bizarre Reason For Slow Job Growth

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CNN trotted out its Princeton-educated economic commentator Catherine Rampell on Monday to explain why job growth was so slow. An April report showed an economy that added just 266,000 jobs, down big time from March when 770,000 jobs were added. It’s a huge issue for the Biden administration and definitely needs to be addressed. Enter Rampell, who also serves as a Washington Post columnist and has a Twitter feed riddled with typical woke talking points.

Catherine, why exactly did the April report show construction companies, manufacturing, automakers and restaurant businesses struggling to fill jobs? Buckle up, Catherine snapped off an all-timer.

She ran through the Biden administration talking point reasons — including generous unemployment benefits — before adding “the risk of, frankly, getting assaulted at work if you tell a customer to wear a mask” as a reason for people not returning to the workforce.

Seriously. Right out of Rampell’s mouth.

And exactly how many examples can Rampell show of people being assaulted for telling customers to wear a mask? A dozen? The jobs report was DOWN HALF-A-MILLION JOBS from the March report. In her May 7 opinion piece, Rampell linked to a July 16, 2020 story on McDonald’s workers being assaulted and is pushing that nearly one-year-old report featuring a survey conducted by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) as anecdotal evidence why workers won’t go get a job in April 2021.

That’s what Rampell is basing her May 2021 nonsense on. Since that 2020 SEIU survey, McDonald’s has pivoted to a drive-thru-focused business plan in which these workers Rampell is all worried about won’t even be dealing in-store with anti-maskers.

“Some economists note, too, that the $300-a-week federal jobless benefit, available until September, has come on top of state payments that average about $320. The combined unemployment benefits mean that anyone earning less than $32,000 a year can potentially receive more income from unemployment aid than from their previous jobs, according to economists at Bank of America,” the Associated Press reported last week.

Nowhere in that AP report did it state people aren’t returning to the workforce because they’re afraid of being assaulted for telling people to wear a mask. But, that’s what Rampell’s hanging her woke BLM hat on. That’s one of the hills she’s willing to die on.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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  1. CR is a cute enough gal that she shouldn’t waste her time analyzing economics. Rather, she should replace all those ‘academic’ books on her shelf with cookbooks, of course.

    I’m serious. She truly looks as though her stress level would diminish exponentially if she focused on more creative & productive tasks. Like cooking & baking.

    She just might snag herself a quality fella (or gal) in the process.


  2. One of my grad school Biz profs — an economist — once said that every crazy economic theory has an economist behind it who will defend it to the death … I am reminded of that every time I see crap like this from a so-called economist …

  3. Yet ANOTHER example of someone who has spent their entire life in school, in academia, then writing opinions without ever actually working a real job. One where something must be produced for customers or for public consumption that evokes real consequences in the REAL WORLD. You know, that place where there is accountability for being an idiot. She’d probably last about 30 minutes working any service/customer-facing job before she’d get triggered and have to go to her “safe space” to spend time with her “therapy duck”.

    • Exactly. Number of days this woman has actually worked hard in her entire life: 0. No doubt about it. She’s never employed anyone either, or had to make a tough business decision. Great to see this what an Ivy League education gets you these days. Yikes.

  4. an Ivy-League education means virtually nothing anymore, because it’s all about indoctrination. Indoctrination is all about agenda that starts with a false presupposition (not facts) backed up by anecdotes, catch phrases, and group think. Real scholarship starts with facts that lead to hypotheses that lead to theories that, once proven, lead to truth.

    • Correct

      Half the reason our country is so brainwashed is because people look and see a name like “Princeton educated” and they think that means something… GET.A.GRIP. it doesn’t m. Except that they are probably sympathetic to the worldview of Karl Marx.

      These people deal in one of two things.

      1) utopian theories – John Lennon ‘imagine’
      2) paranoid fear mongering

  5. News leaked from diaper summit at the nursing home between Jimmy “The Rabbit” Carter and Slo Joe
    “Jimmy how to I bring back the good old days?” says Slo Joe.
    Jimmy says “Start with gas lines, add inflation, get the country some high unemployment, turn your back on Israel and get a good old shooting war in the Middle East stirred up. That would be a good start. Slo Joe says, “Check, check, and check. Plus I have a new never before seen plan in mind. I have already put in place. High unemployment in times of a labor surplus, clearly I am a genius, pass the tapioca.”

  6. CNN trots these crackpots out as if they have some credibility. She sounds like she’s right out of her Princeton Economics/social justice class. All the same BS talking points. All that education and still can’t have a logical thought of her own. At least Joe, I mean us taxpayers, will pay your student loans for you. You’re not welcome.

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