Why Did CNN Feel Obligated to Edit Out Redskins Logo on Joe Biden’s Son’s Hat?

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CNN had another rough day on Tuesday.

While showing an old picture of Joe Biden with his young son, the sly former news network edited out the Washington Redskins logo from the son’s hat.

Look close, that’s not a different camera angle:

To be clear: this says all about CNN and nothing about Joe Biden. Biden shared a great, heartwarming picture of himself and his son; he had nothing to do with this trick.

It’s concerning the network fronted by Andrew Cuomo’s brother felt the need to edit an old photo.

First, CNN is applying today’s sensitivity and rules to past decisions, which is wholly unfair in a country that doesn’t even resemble its 2010 form.

It is not cancelable, or at least it shouldn’t be, to wear a hat with an NFL team’s logo. At the time taken, the logo was merely known as a symbol of a football team.

Secondly, and alarmingly, CNN chose to protect a presidential candidate. It took a proactive approach to ensure a hat worn decades ago wouldn’t result in a negative story. Ironically, some woke decision-maker underestimated the internet, which swiftly had receipts of the original picture.

CNN accidentally disclosed the type of hypocrites it has running its operation. If a rival network did the same, for a different candidate, the network would send a company-wide memo to go to battle. Primetime host Chris Cuomo would even put down his weights and get off of TikTok to handle it. Brian Stelter may have to write a new chapter in his book.

Would Jeff Zucker’s network do the same for President Trump? Of course not. In fact, his graphics team could plot to add the removed logo to a licensed photo of Don Jr. in a stocking hat.

One must now wonder how many of CNN’s past photos and videos have been doctored?

UPDATE: CNN says it was the Biden campaign:

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