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The father-son football trip streak ends at 12 years

In 2008, I had this crazy idea to tell my father that we were going to attend Ohio State-USC in Los Angeles. I was making decent extra income after founding Busted Coverage in 2007. My idea was to spend some of that cash, see the best college football game I could afford and take my father along to help make memories. Little did I know what it would turn into over a 12-year run that comes to an end this fall. My father went through cancer treatment this summer and we came to an understanding that next year things crank up again.

We could’ve attended some random college game with 10,000 fans in the stands, but the father-son trip was always about the experience surrounding the game. This year would’ve felt like a huge disappointment.

The streak started with USC pummeling our Buckeyes. USC fans harassed us for 3 1/2 quarters before we figured it was a good time to find the exit, but we were hooked on these fall football trips.

There were two trips to Ole Miss. Two trips to LSU. LSU at West Virginia — the hospital parking lot outside the stadium was an incredible scene I’ll never forget. Michigan State at Ohio State — yes, the game where they didn’t feed Zeke. A trip to Tuscaloosa to see the Tide destroy Florida. Texas A&M – we bought a bunch of beer & stood in a park outside the stadium drinking with locals. It was a blast. I know many of you are in the south. For those who aren’t, do yourself a favor and get to Oxford and Baton Rouge. Trust this northerner.

Then we started adding in NFL destinations with a trip to Lambeau Field for a Thursday night game against the Bears. That night it went from 80 or so to 50 and rain. What a brutal night, especially the Uber surge prices. Never depend on Uber after a night game at Lambeau unless you have money to blow.

Those trips taught us that, no matter what your social media feed tries to tell you, this country is filled with great people who just want to have a drink, talk sports and enjoy life for a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday.

The great news is that my father is feeling much better and he’s ready to get back out on the road in 2021. Knoxville has been on his list for a long time. Georgia-UT sounds good to me.

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  1. Some of the videos were great. People used to have fun. Now we have to stare incessantly into the faces of Biden, Harris, Fredo, and his brother, Newsome, Whitmer, Pelosi, Fauci, etc., and get lectured about being human beings. Vote Trump.

  2. Whoever wrote the Dechambeau formula is an amateur with high school level math skills at best. Easy to spot as they didn’t even simply the formula from one step to the next. A competent wielder of the pencil would never waste space like that.

  3. Ah the good old days people actually living life and having fun lets hope we regain our sanity and get back to it. And that HS kid doing 45 reps at 225 very impressive but he better quit slamming that bar down on his sternum or he may regret one day.

  4. After a critical review of the Wake Forest student’s appeal, it should be denied. His last two paragraphs are too similar and they even contain the exact same sentence in each paragraph. My guess is that he took 5 shots of vodka playing “Bullshit”, started writing, and couldn’t keep his shit together by the end. This guy is no Hemingway.

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