Clown Doctor Says Madden Game Is Racist

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​​Because someone famous died, and sadly it was John Madden, someone with a Twitter account felt they must label that person’s legacy racist. That’s how this works in 2021. If you die, you were probably a racist.

So Dr. Andrew McGregor, a history professor at Dallas College, took matters into his own hands on Tuesday. According to Dr. McGregor, the Madden video game series, named after John Madden, has further dehumanized black athletes. That’s Madden’s legacy: dehumanizing black people.

We promise you this is not a parody account. This is a real man.


Imagine tweeting that at any point in your existence, let alone immediately following Madden’s death.

Dr. McGregor is emblematic of the progressive left. On the one hand, the wokes claim that it’s racist that black people provide the country entertainment in the form of professional sports (the NFL is roughly 70% black). Meanwhile, the same progressives complain that black people don’t get enough opportunities in professional sports.

How does that add up? In sum, everything is racist — always. Do you understand that?

And like most progressives, Dr. McGregor does not believe what he says. While McGregor calls Madden video games racist online and probably in his classroom, he sits at home and plays the game himself. And he probably plays alone.

Here is how McGregor spent a weekend in 2017:

At this point, you feel bad for the suckers attending McGregor’s course at Dallas College. His students are spending all that money to learn from some underwhelming fraud with a self-fulfilling degree.

Rest in peace, John Madden. And also to the remaining credibility of Dallas College and any other university that employs those of Dr. McGregor’s ilk.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. This guy’s Twitter account claims that he is a “Sport Studies Influencer.™ ” I’m pretty sure that is too generic a phrase to be trademarked. Beyond that, remember that this guy is a college professor and surely targeting this hate and destructive worldview to his students. Cancel culture is a horrible abomination, but IF anyone should be cancelled, it should be idiots like this …

  2. Whack-jobs like this loon have always existed … under rocks and lurking in shadows. SOCIAL MEDIA provides these galoots with a global platform to amplify their abject lunacy.
    Of course, the same can be said for each of us I suppose … OUCH!

  3. To lefties, every successful white person is racist. This no-name professor got famous by insulting the memory of John Madden, one of the most beloved figures in NFL history. This won’t turn out well for this cuck.

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