Closing In On 100% Vaccination, Pitt Coach Ready To Burn Masks

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Pitt head coach Pat Narduzzi is ready to ditch the masks after reports surfaced that his football team is 92 percent vaccinated. It’s too bad Dr. Fauci insists the vaccinated can still receive and spread COVID, which means the masks are here to stay. No one tell Pat though — we don’t want to rain on his parade.

“I’m going to burn my MASKS AS SOON AS WE HIT 100%,” Narduzzi said. Everybody throw your masks in the fire, let’s have a bonfire. I’ve probably got 60 of them in my locker, depending on which color you want to go with today.”

And to be clear, we agree with his logic of wanting to burn these face diapers or flush them down the toilet. He just hasn’t figured out that this whole COVID thing isn’t about health, it’s about our compliance.

He actually thinks this entire process is going swimmingly, but he doesn’t grasp that the scheme marches on as soon as we’ve complied with their latest directive. He almost sounds relieved as he goes on, and it’s honestly hard to read:

“I’m proud of our kids, our doctors, our trainers. They’ve done an outstanding job of just managing this whole thing,” he said. “I think our kids wanted to do it as a team. It takes everybody. You know, I’ll go out and say this publicly, we need this country to get going and get to a better place. We don’t want to run into what we ran into last season. We’e got to trust the process and trust these doctors.”

Aha! There’s the root of our disagreement:

“Trust the process”

When Pat Narduzzi refers to “the process,” does he mean the “two weeks to flatten the curve”? The difference is that one side of the country thinks for themselves and makes decisions that best suit them, while Narduzzi and the rest of these loonies submit without question. They won’t ask any details, share an opinion, or even open their minds to differing points of view.

Narduzzi is the latest victim of our media’s brainwashing, and he’s now evangelizing the remaining eight percent of his players that vaccination means a return to freedom.

It’s a lie.

Vaccinated people want the unvaccinated to believe they’re responsible for spreading this disease when forever clown Dr. Fauci just starred on CNN stating otherwise. That means that Narduzzi and the rest of his boneheaded staff and players can leave their 60 different colors of masks on and decide which one they’ll wear on Monday.

The only way to ditch the mask is to take the same path together. Take them off without asking anyone’s permission. We’re the ones that pay the bills around here anyway.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. The bad news is there are multiple countries now reporting the majority of their hospitalizations are vaccinated people. Australia, Israel, Singapore, Iceland and others have stories reporting most of the covid cases being hospitalized are the vaccinated.

  2. He ain’t burning masks any time soon because his pals, our Corona Bro betters, say the vaccinated need to wear masks, too. The new mask mandates are basically to punish everyone for embarrassing Grampa by missing his vax goals.

  3. They’re creating a scenario where no matter what you do they can twist the screws as needed. If you’re low risk unvaccinated you’re ridiculed as a heretic, stupidly discriminated against by ignorant sheep, and life is made unnecessarily difficult. If you ARE vaccinated, well sorry, you’re still unsafe, wear your mask, oh, the vaccine side effects may even be causing you to become ill, and turns out you’re still getting covid…so you still have to follow protocols. You aren’t going to be able to keep in line with their rules for long folks. They’ll keep moving the goalposts posts on you regardless until you wake up and say enough. Truth is truth.

    • 100. I’m all for vaccination (for anyone who chooses to get it) if it means we can get back to normal. Unfortunately, it’s obviously a false bill of goods. We’re vaccinating those with a 99.99% chance of survival (college athletes) to protect them from the 1/10,000 chance they die from the rona (honestly, odds probably higher given no one has died yet).

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