Climate Activists Fill Golf Holes With Cement Because People Apparently Can’t Have Fun During The European Drought

Many European countries currently find themselves in a historic heatwave and drought. With temperatures rising and rain not falling some climate activists have taken to the golf course to send a message.

With water levels running low, some parts of France have implemented water bans. Residents in certain areas aren’t allowed to water their gardens or wash their cars, but golf courses are exempt from the water ban nationwide.

That decision didn’t sit well with a certain group of climate activists.

Some paid a visit to golf courses near the city of Toulouse and filled golf holes with cement. The activists stated that golf is the “leisure industry of the most privileged.”

Climate activists don’t have fun, so neither should anyone else, apparently.

One area has banned watering golf courses, which Gérard Rougier of the French Golf Federation simply doesn’t understand. “A golf course without a green is like an ice-rink without ice,” he stated, while explaining that 15,000 people worked in golf courses across the country and that greens would die in three days without water.

It’s clear these climate activists aren’t concerned about ruining a business and the livelihood of many employees that work at these golf courses simply due to the fact that it hasn’t rained in a while.

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Written by Mark Harris


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  1. Of course not not, they’re moronic insufferable jackasses. Maybe the climate lunatics should have to pay these people for destroying their jobs. Let’s start with John Kerry, he’s got plenty of cash, or should I say his wife does. He made his money the old fashioned way, he married into it. The jackass has never had an honest job in his life.

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