Cleveland ‘Dog Turds Swept Off A Balcony’ Story Should Win An Emmy

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If you love local news, you know all about the history of investigative journalists in Cleveland, the city that bulldog reporter Carl Monday and his trenchcoat used to call home before his 2018 retirement. Carl spent the last 11 years of his career at WOIO, 19 News after year at WJW where his 2006 groundbreaking work exposing an Ohio State fan for pleasuring himself in a local library gained worldwide recognition.

The tradition of excellent journalism continues and was on display this week when Julius Robinson called the station to report dog turds raining down from a downtown high-rise apartment building.

19 News sent out bulldog journalist Kelly Kennedy to get the scoop, and she came back with a report that should put her in contention for a local news Emmy.

“Raining poop,” Robinson told Kennedy. “Literally. And you could see it on the sidewalk.”

Kennedy, being the smart reporter that she is, got multiple shots of the turds and video of what appears to be someone brooming a brown liquid off a balcony.

“Then one day I seen turds, and that’s when I knew somebody was sweeping feces off the balcony,” Robinson told Kennedy.

Close your eyes and listen to that voice closely. That’s as close as we’re going to get this week to Dave Chappelle saying, “Then one day, I seen turds.” It’s spot-on.

Make sure you watch the full raining turds report at WOIO.

Never forget how great Carl Monday was over his long illustrious career on the streets of Cleveland:

Written by Joe Kinsey

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