Browns Fans And Patriots Fans Put Differences Aside For Thunderous ‘F—k The Yankees’ Chant Before ALDS Game 4

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Sunday’s game between the Browns and Patriots featured an incredible showing of respect amongst the two fanbases. Actually, it was more like disrespect.

As Cleveland hosted New England on a beautiful sunny day in The Land, the two sides put their differences aside and came together over a common cause— hating the Yankees.

While the football game was being played at FirstEnergy Stadium, another important matchup was in waiting just up the road at Progressive Field.

FirstEnergy Stadium and Progressive Field are separated by about a mile. (Image courtesy: Google Maps)

On Sunday night, after the Browns game ends, the Guardians will host a crucial Game 4 in the American League Divisional Series. After defeating the Yankees in epic, walk-off fashion on Saturday night, Cleveland had a chance to advance to the ALCS with a win.

Meanwhile, the city’s football stadium was hosting a bunch of fans who are from in and around the Boston area. It is safe to assume that the vast majority of Patriots fans are also Red Sox fans.

They also hate the Yankees, likely more than Guardians fans. Not necessarily in the present moment, because their team did not make the playoffs, but overall.

Browns Fans Join Patriots Fans For Anti-Yankees Chant

In turn, both sides were able to forget about the on-field tension between their two football teams and came together for a loud, thunderous anti-New York chant.

The sold out crowd chanted “F—K THE YANKEES! *clap, clap, clapclapclap*” in unison and it was so loud that they could probably hear it over at Progressive Field.

While the result of the Browns game was undeniably important for those in attendance, the focus for many Clevelanders had playoff baseball on their minds. It just so happened that the visiting fanbase agreed with their sentiment. It was a moment of solidarity.

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