Browns Kicker Throws Hilarious Sideline Tantrum After Coach Doesn’t Let Him Try Ridiculously Long Field Goal

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Browns kicker Cade York really, really, really wanted a chance at NFL history on Sunday. Head coach Kevin Stefanski didn’t let him try.

York was pissed.

Down by 10 with four seconds left in the first half and no timeouts, Cleveland’s offense had the ball at its own 49-yard-line. Deshaun Watson hustled to the line and stopped the clock with a spike.

Three seconds left.

Stefanski had a decision to make. He could either throw the ball deep and hope someone pulls it down for six, take a knee and head into the locker room, or kick a field goal.

York, being the kicker, wanted the third of three options. Stefanski went with the first of three.

The offense stayed on the field and tried a Hail Mary before halftime.

York was pissed. The 21-year-old rookie, who was drafted with a fourth round pick in last April’s NFL Draft threw a hilarious tantrum on the sideline when he was told his services were not necessary.

To make it even funnier— the attempt would have been from 67 (!!) yards.

For reference, the NFL record-long field goal was set at 66 yards by Justin Tucker last year. York’s attempt would have been one yard longer than the record.

He wanted his chance at glory, but it never came.

Had York been allowed to try, it would have been a career-long by a pretty significant margin. He made one from 57 while at LSU and 58 during the first week of his rookie season in September.

67 yards, obviously, is nine-yards longer than his career-long. It would have been quite the call to send a 21-year-old rookie out there for a record-breaking attempt.

But, at the same time, the Browns did not convert the Hail Mary. Would it have been that much different to call on York? Maybe he ate his Wheaties!

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