Clemson Breaks Out FIRE Uniform Combo For First Time In Over A Decade

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For the first time since 2010, the Clemson Tigers will be rocking purple tops with ORANGE BRITCHES for today’s showdown with Louisville.

The team unveiled the news with a clever Twitter post about 90 minutes before kickoff, and, of course, fans went nuts.

It’s the simple things in life, you know.

Clemson wearing purple and orange against Louisville

Despite saying earlier in the week that the team would keep the orange pants in the closet, Dabo Swinney pulled a fast one on all of us and dusted ’em off. Legend.

In case this seems silly, here’s a quick backstory.

The first time Clemson wore orange pants came in a 1980 game against South Carolina. That’s the day Danny Ford started the tradition of wearing the orange pants in big games.

Clemson rocking throwback uniforms against Louisville.
Clemson wearing orange and purple against Louisville. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

Swinney famously turned the orange britches’ into a championship tradition, allowing the fellas to wear them only for big games when some sort of championship is on the line. Well, just so happens that the Tigers can clinch the ACC Atlantic division outright with a win today!

Combine that with the fact that it’s Military Appreciation Day/Purple Out at the stadium, and Clemson will be rocking a FIRE look that it hasn’t donned in over a decade.

Some people GEEK out over uniform news, and some don’t care at all and think it’s dumb.

I am FIRMLY with the geeks here.

I love a good alternate uniform, especially one that hasn’t been worn since the Obama Administration. Deion Sanders told ya’ll years ago that if you look good, you play good.

I’m with Deion.

Clemson by 50.

Written by Zach Dean

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