Clay: Will Biden Truly Be President Of All Of America?

President Joe Biden was sworn into office on Wednesday. Any transition of power comes with questions, and OutKick’s Clay Travis certainly had a few of his own. He discussed some of them during his show following the inauguration.

“I’m left with several different questions, but the primary one is, is Joe Biden going to fulfill his promise to be the president of all America or will we end up even more in internecine, basically Civil War, red America, blue America?”

There is something to be said about taking a reasonable approach. Not forming an opinion based on how the masses are telling you to think, but allowing facts, logic and precedent to lead the way to an informed argument or opinion.

“My audience has skyrocketed by me just being totally reasonable,” Clay said during the segment. “There is such an absence of reasonableness in this country, that just being a reasonable guy, a rational guy, has allowed me to actually dominate in terms of my audience.

“I’m not lecturing everybody all the time on how awful you are or how awful this person is, or that person is, I’m just trying to be reasonable. And I’m trying to apply precedent, no matter what, just like a judge or Supreme Court justice would. Use your arguments to fulfill existing precedents and be consistent.”

Sounds pretty reasonable, right?

There’s also the question of where the news goes from here, which Clay points out. President Donald J. Trump has been such a heavy-hitter where news coverage is concerned. With all his social media accounts now banned, where does the media go from here?

It was a packed six minutes of content. Clay also covered topics such as Democratically-run cities opening back up. It’s certainly worth the watch.

Written by Clint Lamb

Clint Lamb is a College Football Writer for OutKick. Managing Editor for Roll Tide Wire. Sports radio host for The Bullpen on 730/103.9 The UMP. Co-host for The 'Bama Beat podcast through The Tuscaloosa News and


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  1. Clay, great points, all of them. I certainly respect your honesty and “reasonableness”(as you said), and will certainly remain part of your audience. Like you, I also wish Trump had won, but I will try to remain positive and I will absolutely continue to support great voices like yours. Thank you!

    (also, in my circle of friends and family, I will continue to do my small part to promote voices like yours. I will never let the woke-white-liberals crush my spirit)

  2. I was told by him that I was a Nazi, a white supremacist and all kinds of other insults so he can now go fuck himself. Being pro individual freedom and anti collectivist would make you a racist 12 years ago and now it makes you a Nazi. So I can’t accept being ruled by people like this.

  3. Like many others have pointed out before Trump voters have been called dumb, racist, sexist and homophobic for 4 years. Even with Trump out of office the rhetoric from Nancy Pelosi continues. I don’t know that he even wants to be President of everyone. They would prefer it if we didn’t exist.

  4. I have a feeling now these covid counts amazingly start to decline at the mere presence of Democrats in office. But just in case, take these mandatory vaccines that will kill a few thousands here or there with allergic reactions, and still wear that mask…FOREVER. It will be amazing to watch. Biden will literally heal the sick! Just let it be a lesson to us all: BEWARE if ever we don’t elect an establishment candidate again!

  5. We know the answer is no. We knew the answer would be no. The suppression of this information just made people dig into it more.

    And let’s just define what they want ‘white supremacy’ to be. It’s not thinking blonde hair-blue eyed people are the master race. It’s not skinheads and swastikas and saluting a 1930s German politician. It’s people who are seeking truth and speaking it to power.

    • You got it. The “war on white supremacy” section of his speech was disturbing. It sounds good on the surface when you picture legitimate hateful racism being a problem, but that’s not at all what they mean. What’s “white supremacy” to Biden and his ilk? It’s now anyone who rejects white privilege, systemic racism, or even supports meritocracy. See the semantic game they can play now by moving the goal posts? “The data doesn’t show there’s systemic racism? You want a level playing field? Equal treatment? How dare you! You’re a White supremacist!” The left has classified Tucker Carlson as pushing white supremacy for example. This crap is super dangerous, and we don’t have media brave or smart enough to push back on it.

      • That part of his speech was all we needed to hear. America is not perfect, but it’s the best country on earth in regards to opportunities for minorities. A country with systemic racism would never have elected Obama for two terms over two white men (McCain and Romney). White supremacy has been a Dem talking point ever since the day Trump came down the escalator. Biden constantly spews anti-Trump supporter rhetoric. Submission rather than unity is the goal.

        • I agree with Roy’s post and all of the ones below it. Submission is the goal.The ruling liberal elites want to silence anyone who does not think like them. It is astonishing that they have been able to lie about rampant white supremacy and get so many people to believe it. But believe it the sheep did. Like Roy said, “white supremacy” is actually people speaking truth and power. And their new “war on terror” is a war on the rights of all citizens. As so many of us here at OutKick have said before, it is truly Orwellian.

        • Longer than that, try since 1968 has white supremacy been a talking point and strategy. LBJ was a racist and knew the only way to secure black votes was to promise free stuff and blame white supremacy for everything that ills the black community. Dems can’t lose their grasp on being woke and talking about white supremacy all the time. It is their golden ticket. If the Dems actually solve white supremacy and root it out as they claim they want to do, what will be their main campaign slogans? White liberals have to be the savior its all they have to sell.

  6. The evil deep sate establishment dummy puppet mumbling bumbling creepy senile criminal racist bribe taking crazy Joe Biden and the cackling communist hooker Giggles Harris have been installed to finish the destruction of America that the hate spewing racist inept corrupt beta male DictatorO started with his 8 year crime spree against America

  7. No. Anyone who thought so or thinks so is a fool. 75 million people are on a hit list as is the Constitution, which takes care of all the rest (minus the ruling class), assuming they even understand what is happening to them. As for Biden, the old fool likely doesn’t realize that his useful idiocy began to diminish the moment he lifted his hand off that symbolic bible.

  8. Since the Capital incursion the left is back promoting white supremacy as the single biggest threat to our nation. Not China, Iran, COVID-19, or joblessness. No, those white devils running around the country should strike fear in all of us. God almighty, we are fucked. This decomposing fuck could barely stay awake signing those three executive orders for the cameras yesterday.

  9. We’ve listened to pro-Biden pundits in the media recently say that Trump supporters need to be “cleansed” and their children need to be sent to re-education camps. Biden wants the unity that means if you go along with us with no dissent, then we’ll have unity. Sorry Mr. President, many are not buying what you are selling. The media spent two weeks trying to scare everyone into thinking that there would be mass protests in all state capitols on inauguration day. Well, it didn’t happen. Fake news is alive and well. But God bless Antifa and BLM. They were up to their usual tricks in Seattle and Portland yesterday. In about six months the honeymoon will be over and many people will be asking, “what did we vote for?”

  10. You want unity, then show me in your actions, Mr. President. Thus far you are complicit by not thwarting a useless impeachment and your policies/executive orders/undoing of executive orders will either hurt Americans or are just political showmanship. The type of executive orders that got Trump elected in the first place.

  11. I love that Clay adopts the attitude that his success (or anyone for that matter) does not hinge on who sits in the Whitehouse. In principal I agree. The difference now is we have Neo-Marxists running the Senate, House and Presidency plus an overwhelming majority of big tech and media companies acting as propaganda wings for their ideology. The resulting attacks on all things American and the things that help build this country (meritocracy, nuclear family, freedom of speech and religion) are happening now and will ramp up as each day passes. The fact we all know Biden is a 1 term President and he is a puppet for the Neo-Marxists and China (they are literally celebrating in their national news about his victory) is a strong endorsement for the trajectory of where we are heading; capitalism is racist, white America is racist and anything racist must be re-made into conforming to the Marxist ideology. I know this sounds radical and paranoid to some, but I invite you to re-visit my post in a year…hell 6 MONTHS…and tell me much of what I put down is not on the horizon or already happened. Taking Trump off of Twitter forever was nothing…that was only the start. Its not about Trump, its about America and the values that made her great that are under attack by our very own government and media.

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