Clay Vs. Karen Rovell: Old Enemies Face Off In A Monday Corona Battle

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Clay and Karen Rovell were at it again this morning, renewing one of the greatest rivalries in sports history. Ali-Frazier. Ohio State-Michigan. Army-Navy. Auburn-Alabama. The numbers go through the roof when Clay and Rovell lace ’em up and go into battle 140 characters at a time. Today it all started as breaking news dropped on multiple Marlins players testing positive for COVID.

It was like a dinner bell ringing for the blue checkmarks. All hands on deck. Karen’s not missing an opportunity to opine on the situation and Clay’s just sitting there like a pit viper waiting to strike. That was the spark that lit the fuse. It was go time. Fighters to your corners.

[Big John McCarthy voice looking at the combatants]

“Are you ready?”

“Are you ready?”

Let’s get it on!”

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

Kinsey is also the founder of OutKick’s Thursday Night Mowing League, America’s largest virtual mowing league.

Kinsey graduated from University of Toledo.


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  1. The idea that “No one agrees with Clay” is utter nonsense. Every sport is now moving forward, European soccer has been played for the past 4 months with no major COVID19 related issues. Thankfully here in America we have Karen Revell to constantly tweet out how terrible everything is and how dangerous leaving your house is.

    And this is far more similar to the Patriots/Jets rivalry, with Karen Revell being the hapless Jets.

  2. Thank you, Joe, for this little interlude lol. Unless you test all the players every day, they’re not gonna know when and how and where, etc, etc. Life has to go on, or they should just cancel now and stop the craziness. If we go into a bar or restaurant we don’t know how many “cases” were just in here before us. So then the players should just go home and live off last year’s earnings.

  3. I just can’t with the coronabros anymore.

    There are quite literally TRILLIONS of viruses in our body at any given time. Can you imagine if we just picked a harmless one (like Pegivirus C or GBV-C) and started giving reports in the media about how many people tested had it!? People would lose their ever-loving minds, but they wouldn’t even know why.

    Good on Clay (and you, Joe) for calling out the coronabros. They’re wearing me out.

  4. Here’s the highlights of Karen Rovell’s bio

    – Theater major at Northwestern
    – Recruited out of college as a “Sports Business Writer” to ESPN, although he had evidently never owned a business or worked for one, aside from possibly a paper route. (doubt he was entrepreneurial enough for a paper route)
    – Has a history of making some foolish mistakes, publishing unauthenticated stories being one example.

    With that in mind, theater major, had a popular campus sports radio show (good for him) and parlayed it into a sports journalism career. Here’s where Karen Rovell fails to understand Clay Travis’ perspective. Karen says “Why isn’t one person in sports leadership agreeing with you” when what he really means is “why are no sports journalist twitter personalities agreeing with you.”

    Here’s what Karen fails to comprehend, The real leaders of the sports industry are the franchise owners, and they all agree with Clay Travis, as their actions clearly suggest.

  5. On Twitter, this is the 9th ranked trending topic with (as I write this) 6,190 tweets. That means a whopping 0.0018% of Americans are talking about this. While I certainly love how Clay gets attention (and free publicity), I can’t help but think this Twitter exploiting division and attempting to influence the narrative. Keep up the good work, Clay.

  6. The false equivalency narrative is driving me nuts. Morons like Rovell, the toolbag who wrote that drivel on The Daily Blurst and so many others in media just wont let it go. I’m in Colorado where we now have a mask mandate and bars can’t serve after 10. Yet, my softball league started three weeks ago and despite the fact that 9 of 12 of us are 50+, we are all still playing. In fact, they sold out of spots in two days. Literally no one, including umpires is wearing a mask during game play. There’s your silent majority at work. But, when we go to the bar after, we have to wear a mask for the 15 feet in between the front door and our usual table. Then we can take them off. I guess that 15 feet is critical so everyone doesn’t die!!! Idiots. If you’re high risk, stay home. Let the rest of us live our lives.

  7. I love the variety of writers on this site and the style/topics they cover. Hard-hitting journalism, feuds, hot chicks, media ratings…..Outkick has it all.

    Question here…..out of the Marlins players/coaches that tested positive, how many were actually symptomatic? I don’t know if that’s been reported yet. I think it’s important to know who’s actually getting sick, for how long, and how many are carrying it without symptoms and may be carrying antibodies. Because the MSM treats positive tests like death sentences, I think it would be helpful to get the whole story. Just curious if that information was made available.

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