Clay: Twitter Helps Cover Up Pfizer CEO’s Comments On Vaccine’s Lack of Efficacy

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Social media has a grip on creating perception, and with that comes the opportunity for misinformation to guide online sheep that take their facts at face value.

Twitter was caught trying to modify the narrative on vaccination when the CEO of Pfizer spoke out on the lack of efficacy that the first two shots of the Pfizer vaccine pose in order to protect against the Omicron variant.

After the CEO deemed the jabs essentially useless against Omicron, Twitter stepped in to advertise the news but alleged that the CEO’s comments were taken out of context.

OutKick founder Clay Travis read the CEO’s comments to differentiate between fact and fake news.

“If you got the Pfizer shot, the first two vaccine shots according to the CEO of Pfizer himself, those shots have limited, if any, impact on the Omicron variant of COVID — which represents right now well over 90 percent of all the COVID infections,” Clay said, before discussing Twitter’s involvement in hiding the CEO’s comments.

“Then I went down the rabbit hole a little bit and it got even crazier. Did you know that the chairman of Reuters, which is in charge of fact-checking on Twitter, is on the board of Pfizer?” Clay asked. “Pfizer made a copyright complaint to try to get this video pulled off of Twitter because they didn’t want their CEO’s comment to be circulated. And Twitter did it. Even though what this CEO said is wildly important to the debate surrounding COVID mandates that exist in this country right now.”

Clay also delved into the nonsensical approach that the White House is taking by wanting to mandate shots that pose close to no protection — as attested by the Pfizer chief.

“Joe Biden is trying to mandate a vaccine that the CEO himself acknowledges has limited if any impact in the first two shots against Omicron,” Clay reiterated. “How are you going to mandate a shot that doesn’t even impact you when it comes to the spread of Omicron? …

“The data reflects that if you are elderly or if you are obese, you are potentially under danger from COVID. If you are neither of those things, you are not remotely under danger from COVID at all. That’s why I haven’t gotten the vaccine. That’s why I’m 2-0 against COVID and have had zero issues whatsoever with COVID despite the fact that everybody out there is terrified that if you’re unvaccinated and you get COVID, somehow you’re going to die. …

“Reuters is somehow in charge of fact-checking the Pfizer CEO, and then they can tell you that his own quotes are being taken out of context. How unbelievable is that? How are we not examining where Pfizer is spending money on advertisers? How are we examining what the relationship is between Pfizer, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, social media?”

With Twitter operating as more of a publisher for medical information, social media’s overreach in redefining fact from fiction continues to misinform and herd the coronabros ready to comply.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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