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Clay Travis and Will Cain Talk Cancel Culture, NBA-China Hypocrisy

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Well, the sports media won’t like this. For the second time, OutKick’s Clay Travis and Fox News’ Will Cain put out a show together. Filling in for Brian Kilmeade on Fox News Radio, Clay joined Will to talk about China ruling homosexuality a “psychological disorder” and the current state of sports in America.

“This is not just a failure on the NBA, but on everyone who cashes a paycheck covering the NBA,” Clay says on the media refusing to call out the NBA’s hypocrisy. “No one points out to LeBron when he gets up on his platform and says he will always use his platform to speak out on injustices that he won’t comment on China committing genocide against its citizens just so Space Jam 2 can open in Chinese theaters.”

“Being woke in America is making people money,” Clay goes on.

Will responds to say that corporations are now just floating with the trends and are outraged with whatever they are told is “cool” to be outraged about now.

Listen to their full segment at the 20:00 mark below

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Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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