Clay Travis and Will Cain Talk Deshaun Watson Allegations and Coverage

Fox News’ Will Cain — host of Fox & Friends Weekend and the upcoming Will Cain Podcast — joined Clay Travis this morning on OutKick to talk about the state of New York with COVID, masks, waking up early in the morning, Deshaun Watson, players who cry wolf and more.

Clay says that the sports media is struggling to cover the allegations against Deshaun Watson because it can’t find a clear villain in the story. Will mostly agreed, saying “most of the sports media picks identity politics and assigns heroes and villains before any facts or evidence are known.”

“It’s not just sports media,” Will goes on. “It’s happening in the news media right now with the Colorado shooter. The media assigned him as a white man until it came out he was an Arab man, which then undercut the entire narrative that they ran with for 12 hours that it was white supremacy.

“These people are not just irresponsible. They are doing the Devil’s work.”

“On Watson,” Will says, “I will not convict him in the media, but there is a lot of smoke. This is a major story either way. But I don’t need to come to a conclusion before everyone else, before facts and evidence.”

Listen to the full segment below, starting at the 12:10 mark:

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. i keep thinking of what Brett Kavanaugh went through over false and unproven allegations. seems the media still has a conviction on a distinguished Supreme Ct Justice, but very little coverage of Watson and Odd coverage of Cuomo.

    i think women make up stuff all the time. ask any divorced man what horrors they have been accused of. butt Kavanaugh’s life was altered and family damaged and no appologies from anyone.

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