Clay Travis’ Best Tweets of the Week (Jan. 3-9)

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MSNBC hosts create fake accounts just to follow him.

Twitter execs take Lunesta because of him.

A proverbial comet headed toward Rex Chapman.

He’s more viral than Omicron.

OutKick founder Clay Travis works hard but tweets harder — requiring a weekly roundup of his best hits.

Here are…

Clay’s Best Tweets of the Week (Jan. 3-9)

10. Supremely Untrue

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor shares fake data regarding hospitalized children to provoke hysteria.

The cure: Check CT’s timeline once (1) a day for real COVID data

9. Jumping For Joy

Joy Reid may be booted out of her primetime slot, which is already the most encouraging news Reid has produced.

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8. EmbHARRISed

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris compares Jan. 6 to Pearl Harbor.

Whether the statement’s slightly ridiculous or absolute lunacy, you’ll have Kamala to thank when the eventual Michael Bay-directed movie adaptation is released. Even if the real plot is more 12 Angry Men than Olympus Has Fallen.

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7. For Your Eyes Only

The second-most shocking spy job on Rep. Eric Swalwell exposes his real thoughts on masking. Florida fans across the political aisle continue to show their support for Governor Ron DeSantis’ leadership.

6. Flub Arkush

Clay reacts to the breaking news of Hub Arkush’s opposition toward Aaron Rodgers.

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5. Fauc’ESPN

Maybe give the Yale intern a different job next time.

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4. Bearer of Fake News

Clay calls out Joe Biden for spreading fake news regarding “the pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

3. CNN

Cut the check, CNN. OutKick’s been on this for a while.

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Clay gives lead epidemiologist Dr. Anthony Fauci extra servings of reality regarding his new booster rule.

(I’d get three injections for some Chick-Fil-A sauce. But that’s it.)

1. CT for MVP

Breaking News: People aren’t buying into the COVID idiocy. The only thing spreading is common sense: from the average citizen to the AP-MVP favorite.

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