Clay Travis: The Left Wing Mob Hates Comedy Because It Challenges Their ‘Truths’

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Netflix’s walk-out stunt in opposition to comedian Dave Chappelle should remind Americans that the leftist mob thinks they can dictate what is acceptable in comedy and what is not.

Leftists fully believe that they are the sole arbiters of the social commentary — with zero tolerance for differing opinions.

OutKick’s Clay Travis has long denied the baseless feelings voiced by these wokesters — understanding that they are not genuinely concerned about others. They just want power and to see their perspective elevated above the rest.

“We have entered into a space where people think they are the good guys for trying to cancel comedians and tell them what jokes they can and cannot say,” Clay said.

He adds, “The woke universe cannot handle any form of disagreement. They are completely committed to the authoritarianism of their perspective.”

Clay breaks down how people who see themselves as the omniscient voices of society don’t usually end up being the good guys by the end.

“What I would ask of you is this: how often, historically, do we judge people who are unwilling to have any sense of humor as being on the right side of history in the long run? …

“If you are convinced that your sense of humor is the only one that is allowed to exist, then how in the world are you able to see nuance and have a funny version of yourself? … How in the world can we take anyone who shows up to protest jokes seriously? You are spending your time to protest what someone else can find funny.”

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Leftists are miserable human beings with zero sense of humor, and they want everyone else to be humorless and miserable.
    The funny thing is that Chappelle doesn’t care one iota about their protests.

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