Clay Travis: Coronabros Are Stuck In A Miserable Reality Because They Don’t Believe In Normalcy

The coronabros of California are at it again after canceling a Cal vs. USC football game this upcoming weekend due to COVID, even though 99% of the Bears have been vaccinated.

Democratic leadership in the Golden State has pursued continued COVID lockdowns, creating a new world order far removed from normalcy or reason, nearly two years since the start of the pandemic.

On Wednesday’s episode of OutKick the Show, founder Clay Travis explores the California idiocy. Earlier this year, the state promised its players that they could have the freedom to play if they got the COVID vaccine. So they got it, and yet they still had games axed off their schedule.

“Cal’s football team is 99 percent vaccinated, yet they had their game against Southern Cal canceled this weekend because they said that Cal’s football team has too many positive tests for COVID to allow them to play,” stated Clay, looking at the failed approach taken by the California teams, compared to states that have abandoned the COVID craze.

“Meanwhile, the Florida Gators just played with 20-30 different players testing positive for the flu and traveling. And we’ve got the Cal football team sitting here unable to play against USC because the coronabros are still not allowing normalcy to return in this country.”

Clay argues that while the coronabros do not reference data in their approach, they remain keen on being pro-restriction, with the ultimate goal of changing the American lifestyle permanently.

Californians have already sampled this new reality, and the results have been a nightmare.

“With chaos comes opportunity and they’re trying to justify spending trillions of dollars to make America a more socialistic country,” Clay said, adding that the far-left leadership in California remains headstrong, ignoring the science and keeping their state in a constant cycle of COVID fear porn.

“They did a full study last year and found no cases of COVID being transmitted during the course of a game. Moreover, the reason why the Cal football team got the vaccine at a 99 percent level was because they were told that they would be able to have a normal season if they did so.

“They have been lied to by Berkeley, it’s shameful, the state of California should be embarrassed and everyone who’s allowed these coronabros to continue with their insane perspectives and activities needs to know that you have to fight them with every ounce of your ability. You have to be willing to go to the mat to win these battles. I’m willing to do it. Are you? I hope so.”

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Funny, but this is the ONLY game across the country this season cancelled/postponed because of COVID. What a coincidence that it is Cal Berkeley of all places the mecca of liberalized corona porn, and who just lost to a team who hadn’t won a game in 2 years. SC is not much better this year, but just like Michigan a few years ago when they cancelled their game with Onio State using COVID as an excuse.

    • SC has become such a shit show……. I didn’t miss a game for over a decade when i lived in LA…….. now they are the center of wokism……. I’ll take Alabama any day of the year…….. they actually care more about the game…….

  2. Meanwhile you have a governor in that state (who is in everyone’s business) who disappeared from public for several days and skipped jetting off to the big worldwide climate conference. He then reappears maskless in SF at a wedding for one of the Getty heirs. Yet the majority of voters in that state failed to recall him. They get what they vote for.

  3. Hey…… HEY HEY HEY. HEY. HEY……

    Anyone notice that Aaron Rodgers has had covid now for over a week…….. has done 2 interviews……. And not a single – not a cough or sniffles……..

    When i had it i was coughing nonstop for days- after the fever subsided….. same with everyone i know…..

    Why isn’t anyone noting how completely NORMAL Rodgers appears to be while in the grips of covid…..

    It underscores how ridiculous the NFL and CDC guidelines are……. Some people will get very sick, some will get kinda sick , and other are going to completely Normal!!!

  4. And he will probably come in on Sunday on the tail end of Covid!!! And garner a 110 QBR- as they smash the Seahawks in Seattle……. Nothing to see here….

    Its like people care if you get it …….. not if it even affects you or makes you sick…..

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