Clay Travis Spanks Mark Cuban on Twitter. Yes, We Are Entertained

Nothing like a Twitter spat to go along with your Saturday college football. Allow our Clay Travis and billionaire NBA owner Mark Cuban to oblige:

It all started innocuously enough Friday evening, with Clay tweeting about our report on TV ratings, and how Fox News’ Tucker Carlson beat the NBA head-to-head:

Well, that apparently didn’t sit well with Cuban, who responded this morning:

And … Clay pounces! Wham, bam, first-round KO!

And just to make sure Cuban stays down, Clay adds this haymaker:

Oh, and there’s this, for when Cuban finally comes-to and clears away the little birdies that are chirping around his head:

Had enough, Mark? Yeah, that’s what we thought. Chicken! Brawwwwwwk, braawwwwk, BRAWWWWWWWWWK!

UPDATE: Apparently, Mark finally woke up from his pugilistically-induced slumber:


Please, in the name of all that’s holy, stop this carnage! On second thought, get us some popcorn. Just a hint of salt, and lightly buttered, please. We have our good Zubaz on today, and we don’t want to get messy.

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  1. Cuban talking to Travis.
    Whitlock jumping on a teleconference to ask LeBron questions.
    This is how we might find some solid ground — stipulate to facts and then clarify one’s position.
    Doubt we’ll see it, though.
    Looks to me that those on the left run like hell from it.

  2. BOOM Clay totally wrecked that Cuban jackass the chicom stuff really destroys that idiot i wish Colby would call out that dipshit throw him in a rear naked after he gets done smashing his face.Cuban is not even close to matching wits with Clay he should learn his lesson.

  3. I am a Mavs fan but converted to “Peaceful NBA Protester” since they went total “woke” in the bubble. Just an observation for Mark – this is not turning out very well for you. It makes you look like the hypocrite you and the NBA have become in dealing with China. You have no credibility but enjoy the $$$ from China.

  4. I’m surprised Cuban won’t go on the show. He’s usually quick to throw his two-cents about ANYTHING. If you promised not to mention China, or the NBA’s failing ratings, I bet he’d come on… Maybe you could find out how much Botox it took to transform his face into that of a woman.

  5. I love Cuban’s line about his advertisers having the “audience they want”. Who are these advertisers? “Mel’s Molotovs'”, “Bob’s Bricks and Stones”, “Larry’s Laser Barn”? Cuban ought to just hang with his boyfriends’ Colin Cowherd and Dan Patrick instead of getting his “ass” handed to him by Clay!

  6. Love it Clay… you are living rent free in Cuban’s mind. So funny… they have the audience they want which is 40% less than other years. Losing viewers is what they want I guess. So funny.

  7. Really have to wonder how Cuban ever was successful since he obviously struggles with simple logic. Trying to rationalize a severe drop in TV ratings makes him look like a complete fool. When a documentary about a championship team from 20 to 25 years ago is drawing a bigger audience than EVERY playoff game you have an issue. Just the mere mention of China makes him cower in the corner lol.

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