What The Cluck! Clay Travis Serves Rep. Steve Cohen A Bucket Of Knowledge

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The plot chickens as Tennessee’s 9th District Representative and KFC enthusiast Steve Cohen hilariously self-owned himself in a barrage of tweets about COVID. Or how he assumes COVID works.

Expressing his displeasure with the cancelled Tennessee-Memphis fiasco Saturday morning, Cohen tweeted out a picture of himself standing shoulder to sho… standing next to a Memphis player completely unmasked. 

“Disappointed. Very disappointed Memphis UT game cancelled #Covid . Here with Tiger freshman star Emoni Bates. #GoTigers,” tweeted Cohen.


OutKick founder Clay Travis was perplexed by the image, considering Cohen’s passionate support for mask-wearing. He quoted the image and asked Rep. Cohen if COVID affects the policymakers or just the citizens that are forced to follow them. 

“Where’s your mask, congressman? Or do you agree indoor mask mandates, embraced by your party, are complete bullshit?” Clay asked Cohen, until the representative delivered a response devoid of logic or ample use of articles.


“I wear my mask indoors and outdoors unless in a park. I took mask off for 10 seconds for photo but you’ll see the mask is in my hand. I’m double Vaxed & boosted. I don’t shake hands but elbow. We all need to vax to boost and mask up as the omicron is very http://contagious.BE SAFE”

Clay added, “Memphis canceled their basketball game for covid and then a Democratic congressman poses — without a mask — with a player — without a mask — indoors. Just a perfect illustration of all this hypocritical covid bullshit.”

Back in February, Rep. Cohen went on a rant about his increasing levels of discomfort in being less than six feet away from an unmasked individual — speaking with a committee of public transport officials on the state of airlines and mandatory mask mandates. Cohen wanted to advise the committee that airlines should be stricter with enforcing mask mandates.

“I could not find a seat in the waiting area without being next to someone who’s exposing me to the coronavirus,” Cohen cried.

“It’s very discomforting to sit next to somebody who doesn’t wear a mask.”

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Knowing this guy continues to be voted in by Tennesseans makes me lose lose respect for said folks. How on gods green earth does this knuckle head keep winning elections. It perplexes me. I’m perplexed.

  2. Rep Cohen a few comments: stay the fuck away from me if you see me in public, I don’t want nitwitted liars near me either; you look like a jock sniffer who would have a hard time in a game of P-I-G against a 5 year old; and you are full of shit and don’t make any sense, first you lament the basketball game being cancelled, take a pic without a mask indoors (gasp!) and then defend your illogical position on COVID protocols. Make up your mind.

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