Democratic Operative Suggests RFK Jr. Puts ‘Stain On The Kennedy Name,’ Clay Travis Quickly Shuts That Down

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A Democratic operative with a terrible take on Robert F. Kennedy Jr. found out very quickly that you better have your facts straight when conversing with Clay Travis.

On Sunday, Leslie Marshall suggested that RFK Jr. is a “stain on the Kennedy name,” presumably because she doesn’t agree with some of his political stances. To her point, Clay quickly pointed out that Ted Kennedy killed someone and managed to still serve in the Senate for decades – with no stain on the Kennedy name.

Watch Clay spit facts in the video below:


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  1. Like all Dementiacrats, consensus before facts! You know, like , we don’t like hot weather, but loves piles of cash, so if we use our influence peddlers and useful idiots we can tell everyone they already know that humans make weather hot, but these Dementiacrat geniuses have the solution, just give their cabal trillions of your dollars and you’ll be broke, but happy!
    That worked, so just keep peddling consensus and nodding your head, no critical thinking in the Dementiacrat camp thanks!

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