Clay Travis Pushes Back Against Disney’s Radical Call For LGBTQ Characters

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The heads of Disney are living in a land of make-believe.

As Walt Disney CEO Bob Chapek pledges to stand against Florida legislation prohibiting progressive sex ideologies from being taught in classrooms, OutKick founder Clay Travis states that Disney and its chief are merely choosing to bend to the will of the woke mob.

“Disney has lost its mind,” Clay said on Wednesday’s OutKick the Show, uncovering Disney’s forced stance from the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ outrage.

“Bob Chapek has really blown it in allowing social media to dictate the way he responds to this Florida parental rights bill – which has nothing to do with the word ‘gay.’

“I just want to keep reiterating this because so few people actually understand what the bill says. So few people have actually taken the time to even read the bill.”

While the bill prohibits the teaching of LGBTQ-backed sex ed from grades K-third grade, the mainstream media has redefined it as a consequential piece of legislation attacking the gay community.

Which it openly does not accomplish.

“The bill doesn’t say ‘don’t say gay’ anywhere. The idea is … my kids should not be taught about sex-related issues in kindergarten, first grade, second grade or third grade.”

“This is something that the vast majority of parents around the country agree with,” added Clay.


Clay also discussed comments made by Disney President Karey Burke.

Burke declared that the company will prioritize making more leads within their catalog of movies identify as LGBTQ.

“[Burke] believes 50 percent or more of Disney leads in movies should be LGBTQ or an underrepresented group,” Clay said regarding Burke, who also attested to having a transgender and pansexual child in her declaration.

“I didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about the love lives of characters.”

As relayed by OutKick’s Anthony Farris, Disney is training its park employees to no longer call visiting children out as “boy” or “girl.”

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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