Clay Travis: Pro Sports’ Rising COVID Rates Show Biden Lied And Media Too Scared To Call Him Out

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The NFL, NBA and NHL are suddenly being ravaged by COVID, despite the constant early season boasting about their high vaccination rates. So what’s that say about the vaccine, Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci, OutKick founder Clay Travis asked?

It was Biden, after all, who claimed “I will end this” during a campaign debate. After we all saw Biden could not, in fact, end it, he proclaimed in July the vaccine would do the trick. Yeah, guess not.

“The NFL is 95% vaccinated, the NBA is 97% vaccinated, the NHL is nearly 100% vaccinated. All three leagues are still overwhelmed with covid cases & hitting new covid case highs,” Clay pointed out. “So how is JoeBiden arguing vaccines will end covid? The pro sports leagues prove that’s 100% a lie.

“The sports leagues all have levels of covid vaccination that are nearly 100%. The players are far younger & healthier than the overall population. Yet they are all overrun with covid. The pro sports leagues data definitively prove that vaccines won’t end covid. Biden’s lying.”

Of course, the mainstream media has turned a blind eye. Suddenly, reporters have just gone back to being reporters, as opposed to the whiny activists during the previous administration. They too have touted the vaccine as a cure-all. Now, they too all lie and deny they ever claimed the vaccine would slow the spread.

“If the media was doing its job they’d point to pro sports leagues and ask Biden and Fauci to explain what’s going on there,” Clay wrote. “Those leagues did exactly what you asked and got everyone vaccinated. Yet all three leagues are presently hitting all time highs for covid cases.

“Not asking these questions is the very definition of being anti-science. We have a massive control group of almost 100% vaxxed healthy young athletes being tested regularly & they have way more covid cases this year after vaccines than they had last year with no vaccines. How?

“I’m clearly not a scientist or an expert in medicine, but the pro sports data tells a clear story for anyone with a functional brain: vaccines, even if everyone has them, won’t end covid. In fact, they may make covid positivity even more common.

“These athletes are smart about their bodies. They see this all happening and have very real questions. They know the vaccines aren’t ending covid. But they see what happens to athletes who speak out and ask questions so they (mostly) stay quiet. This is all wrong & anti-science.”

It seems as if every five minutes, one of the big-time national insiders tries to outdo the other with a scoop that another athlete has tested positive. (And it really is nothing more than a petty Twitter competition between grown men.)

Before, they would have followed with some sort of slight toward Donald Trump. Not anymore. It’s just the facts, ma’am. But when it comes to Biden and Fauci, the so-called facts have seemingly been fudged.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. This is just hilarious. All the virtue signaling and political theater and demanding vaccines and masks. When will the powers that be admit that they were wrong? We know they won’t of course. King Fauci and Brandon need to stand before the American people and admit they have no clue what they are talking about.

    Meanwhile I live in a state that hasn’t had mask mandates since May. I’m a teacher and we have been in person learning, mask free, the entire school year. No spikes, no shutdowns, no fear.

    • Testing of unvaccinated healthy people is absurd too. There’s only a 99.8% survival rate if your under 65. And that’s with no treatment. This whole thing is ridiculous. Vaccinating during massive viral spread is stupid and dangerous. We never should have gone down this road.

    • Exactly. There is no reason to test people that aren’t showing any symptoms vaxxed or not. It is lame and ridiculous. Notice how the NFL quickly changed their protocols this week after 3 teams have so many positive tests.

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