Clay Travis Predicts Next 2 Years of Liz Cheney’s Life

Now that Liz Cheney’s political career is basically over, Clay Travis predicts the next two years of her life so none of the rest of us have to pay attention.

Delusional Liz Cheney Loses & Compares Herself To Lincoln

This idea that Liz Cheney is somehow Republican Royalty or a defender of America is flat out wrong.

Written by OutKick Flash


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  1. Her loss in the primary was not just a loss it was a massacre of epic proportions the good people of Wyoming tossed her sorry ass out when you lose like that it shows you were not listening to your constituents good fu**ing riddance

  2. When you re-election campaign is reduced to running ads from your daddy, Dick Cheney, praising your commitment to the Constitution … well, Monty Python couldn’t have come up with anything that absurd. Not sure who, exactly, she thinks her constituency is – but she wants to run for president?

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