Clay Travis on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime’: Dr. Fauci Won’t Admit To Botched Handling of COVID

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OutKick founder Clay Travis appeared on Fox News Thursday night to join Jesse Watters in primetime.

Clay and Watters tackled Dr. Anthony Fauci’s latest resurgence in the media and his backtracking on contested COVID guidelines from 2020.

“He’s the most destructive bureaucrat in the history of the United States,” Clay said regarding Fauci’s flip-flopping on public policy, which repeatedly called for prolonged lockdowns.


“So we did lock down. Do you want us to lock down like China?” Clay asked. “Do you want people to hammer and nail American citizens in their homes like they did in China?”

Fauci recently appeared for a CNN interview, claiming that his guidance could have saved more lives if not for former President Trump.

“By the way, Dr. Fauci, if Donald Trump did such a bad job with COVID,” Clay said, “why have more people died since Joe Biden became president? And with the COVID shot widely distributed all over this country.”

Clay also commented on CNN’s soft interview with Fauci.

“He’d run for the exits as soon as he soon as he starts to get legitimately questioned over this.”

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. That is the glaring flaw in Fauci’s arguments. When Biden took office, Fauci had free reign to enact all of his policies. More people died with his policies, with 3 vaccines, and with a pro-Fauci administration. But as progressives like Biden say, “Truth over facts.”

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