Clay Travis On Hannity: Democrats Will Have To Face The Music In 2022 After Ridiculing The American People

OutKick founder Clay Travis appeared on Hannity Thursday night to discuss how the Democrats have fumbled their leadership with the American people throughout 2021.

Clay notes that Dems have overlooked their connection with the common American, and are expected to see the result in 2022 and 2024.

“This is the larger problem that Democrats have: they have become a party of coastal elites who mock and ridicule people in the middle of the country, who are living paycheck to paycheck,” Clay tells Sean Hannity.

He also addressed the new era of Democrat: uncanny to their predecessors who actually fought for the vote of the working man.

“They no longer represent people who are working in unions. They no longer represent regular people who may not have had college degrees and advanced degrees and don’t have a lot of money sitting in the bank.”

Virginia’s gubernatorial election results favoring Republican Glenn Youngkin was a punch in the mouth for Democrats, with suburban moms delivering the hit at the ballot box.

Clay states it won’t be the last time we see this result.

“And so the idea that you would ridicule them as the prices of goods everywhere are skyrocketing is a testament to, frankly, why Democrats got their ass kicked all over the country on Tuesday, and why they’re headed for an even worse ass-kicking next year.”

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. As God is my witness … I hope to heck what you see happening happens. I, alas, am not as confident in the likelihood of 51% of Americans (plus ever how many Dominion Software can generate) being capable of rational thought.

    For sure A LOT (97% at least) of actual votes that Biden In The Basement got last November were NOT “for him” but rather the angst of millions of terminal TDS victims “against Donald J. Trump”.

    IF DJT opts not to run in 2024 its doubtful even the mainstream media terrorists can generate enough toxic hate for Ron DeSantis or whoever …. which means the Dems have to find one amongst’em that is not 110% totally repulsive. No one comes to mind that qualifies. … OK, maybe America DOES have a chance of surviving another decade …. MAYBE!

    • I agree with you completely, Trump is great, but the left just goes batshit crazy at his mention… DeSantis would be a great president, and we’d still get to listen to him slap down the dimwitted democrats and the media ( but I repeat myself) on a regular basis.

  2. I’m all for dancing on the grave of these clowns who are destroying their own party but when the party is over we all need to remember this: Absolute power corrupts and a one-party system is dangerous. America needs a SANE Democratic party to push back on Republicans and keep Republicans honest. It is in ALL of our best interest for them to clean house over there in the Democratic party – get rid of Sandy “AOC” Cortez and the rest of the Jihad Squad and their highly poisonous racial rhetoric and get back to fighting over tax rates and social security benefits (you go high I go low and we meet in the middle).

    These race-baiting clowns in the Jihad Squad are dividing us by skin color and tearing our democracy apart. Warring racial tribes will not be able to hold a democracy together. America needs a leader with the skills to heal this racial division stirred up by the Jihad Squad and their acolytes, a leader who can unite us as one tribe together the way we were before Obama started all of this racial divisiveness and passed on his mantle of racial division to the Jihad Squad/BLM/CRT teachers etc. I hope our next President has these skills.

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