Clay Travis On Alabama Coach Calling Ray Lewis: ‘Did He Not Have O.J.’s Number?’

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If the glove fits. A real tragedy occurred over the weekend when a junior forward on the Alabama Crimson Tide men’s basketball team was arrested for allegedly committing murder.

Darius Miles, the man taken into custody alongside another suspect, is facing a capital murder charge for his involvement in the killing of a 23-year-old woman.

It was a frightening situation that shook the program to its core.

To mitigate the effects of the tragedy on his basketball team, Alabama coach Nate Oats reached out to ex-Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis for some help since Lewis was familiar with dodging the noise of a murder charge.

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OutKick’s Clay Travis riffed on the Bama coach’s decision during Wednesday’s OutKick the Show, suggesting he give good ol’ O.J. Simpson a call instead if he really needs help skirting a murder charge.


“Nate Oats, who is the head coach of Alabama, said that he really had a lot of difficulties figuring out how to talk to his team about it. So he called Ray Lewis because Ray Lewis has a daughter that went to the University of Alabama. …

“Ray Lewis was charged with murder, put on trial. After the trial started, he flipped, testified against two of his co-defendants. The jury acquitted them. No one has ever been found guilty in that case of that double homicide. It’s still open in Atlanta. …

“Of all the people that you could call. Nate Oats decided to call Ray Lewis to talk to him about how to talk with his team about having a teammate who was a murderer. Did he not have OJ’s number? This is a level of dumb that I would think every coach in America would be smarter than to do this.

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“And then even if you did call Ray Lewis to go out and use it as an example of who you were talking to, to try to figure out how to better talk to your team is just next-level dumb.”

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