Clay Travis: ‘Not Anti-Vax. I Just Want Data And Facts To Matter’

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Contrary to popular belief, OutKick founder Clay Travis is not anti-vaccine. What Travis is, is anti-bullshit. And right now, the bullshit is telling us that vaccines and boosters work, when the data and facts continue to show otherwise.

Travis points to the current situation in Israel to make his case: “We’re talking about the highest record of COVID in this history of the world so far, despite the fact that almost everyone (in the country) is vaccinated.”

For context, Michael P. Senger, author of Snake Oil: How Xi Jinping Shut Down the World, shared the following data on Wednesday: Israel has now set a world record in COVID cases per capita — despite the fact that 90% of the adult population there has received two vaccine doses, 80% have received three doses, and more than 500,000 Israelis have received four doses. That’s right, four!

“That would suggest the COVID vaccine and the boosters are not providing very much protection, if any, against infection, against Omicron,” says Travis.

After wondering why so many people, especially those within the media, won’t ask Dr. Fauci the important questions pertaining to COVID — like maybe where he finds room to house all of his bullshit — Travis then reminded viewers that data and facts should hold more weight than supposed expertise.

“I’m not anti-vax. I just want data and facts to matter. I’ve already recovered from COVID twice. The alpha and the Omicron version,” added Travis. “What in the world is going on in Israel? And why won’t American health authorities address the very difficult data out of Israel as it pertains to the COVID vaccine?”


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. I love Clay, but we please need to stop the useless qualifying of every criticism of these worthless Covid jabs with, “I’m not anti-vax!” Why even say that ever time? You also don’t need to say “I’m no racist!” for criticizing Lebron while we’re at it. Let’s be crystal clear, WE CERTAINLY ARE ANTI-COVID VAX. Don’t confuse people unnecessarily. Why wouldn’t you be against the “vax” if you don’t believe in it for children in general, 99% of the public, your own children, or yourself? It’s necessary, safe and effective, or it isn’t. Period. Enough with the word games. Sure, it’s a free country, you can choose to get the vax, and you can also choose to jab arsenic in your head thinking it will protect if you want I guess, but I’m not endorsing it as sane, and I’m not qualifying what I say around that stupidity. It actually weakens your argument and takes the real sting away by leaving an opening that the garbage jabs ARE somehow legitimate and safe for some fringe groups, so keep at it everyone! No they aren’t. Thats the point. That’s why you have to get boosters now! Hello? It sucks, It doesn’t work, it’s not a vaccine, it’s potentially dangerous to many as seen by VAERS reporting, it’s MORE dangerous to children than Covid in young boys due to myocarditis, it’s safety is clearly unproven, it’s not stopping the spread, you aren’t immune, it’s totally unnecessary for 99% of people, it’s being used as a club by our government for totalitarian control, and those are very legitimate reasons I WILL NOT TAKE IT. Tell me one good thing about it we need to qualify considering all that? That’s like saying “I’m against drunk driving, but then again it may take out a couple criminals here and there so who am I to judge?” Yes, you are to judge. This isn’t about all other vaccines, it’s obviously about this garbage Covid jab, and if people don’t understand that by now your qualifications aren’t going to win those meatheads over anyway. There, I said it. Stop qualifying.

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