Clay: “The NBA is desperate for LeBron James to be in the NBA Finals”

The NBA is in desperate need of a LeBron James finals with ratings in the tank and the NFL, MLB, NHL, U.S. Open, and Kentucky Derby on the sports docket this weekend.

Clay discussed how the media carries water for the NBA on Outkick this morning.

“One of the things that we have been talking about and discussing during the course of this program is the collapse in ratings that’s been going on in the NBA. The NBA now, down 27% first-round NBA playoff ratings over last year. You won’t hear almost anyone anywhere in the media mentioned this because there is so much cheerleading that goes on for the NBA in the media. If you say a negative word at all about the NBA people are like, ‘You can’t say that. The NBA is the greatest thing that’s ever existed in the history of the world.’ That’s what sports media believes. It’s amazing. The sports media that covers the NBA, they never point out any of the flaws, any of the disasters, or the fact that the ratings are down now 40% in the past two years.

“But the general public, I believe, there is wisdom in masses and they see through it. They see through all of the propaganda that is being spewed about how amazing the NBA is, and they say, ‘You know what, I don’t really think it makes sense to put Black Lives Matter on the basketball court. And I don’t really like every single person affiliated with the NBA taking a knee for the national anthem. And, you know, truth be told, I don’t think it makes sense to put social justice warrior slogans on the back of your jersey when you’re taking billions of dollars from China and refusing to say a word about the fact that they have concentration camps, lack of basic human rights, that they’re invading and taking over all of democracy in Hong Kong. And you bend the knee to China, but you will criticize America to the nth degree.’ I think a lot of people see that. And they say, ‘I don’t know necessarily that makes sense.'”

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Written by Michael Shamburger

Michael Shamburger is the Video Editor @ Outkick. He has 11+ years covering golf and college football and is a big LSU fan who prefers to hit driver-wedge as often as possible. DBAP


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  1. I’m disappointed. I thought it would be a higher percentage. I respect the right for everyone to make their own decisions. But it’s hard for me to see how you can believe in this country and all its greatness , and appreciate its opportunities, and still watch these games being played. Where the league and its players are fully supporting an anti-American, racist, Marxist political group that endorses assaults and murders of police, claim all.white people are inherently racist and privileged, and condone the looting and destruction of personal property for personal gain . They’re doubling down on this and similar groups. Their stars are turning into maniacal, bigoted warriors, who openly support convicted felons still engaged in criminal activity. Wear their names on their jerseys. This is fucking crazy.

  2. It is wild that a league is dependent on a few players to float their boat. And the number one player they are hitched too is completely unlikable. When he’s not crapping on the state of Ohio, remember when the state rebuked him and voted for Trump his response “they wasn’t educated” they wasn’t? Said in an earlier post – other than Trump who has ever slapped back at Bron? A teacher in grade school. When I’m staring at the ceiling in the middle of the night worried about keeping the bills paid and my kids on track, I take comfort in my white privilege. I just pull that card out at the local Bank and me and teller giggle like school girls. I’m told don’t worry about being late on your loan payment we got this covered bud.

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