Clay Travis: ‘My Problem is League Hypocrisy’

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Clay Travis discussed the start of the LIV Tour and how it’s going head-to-head with the PGA Tour.

The OutKick founder noted that as soon as these players teed off today in London, the PGA banned them from participating in any PGA-related events going forward.

“I don’t begrudge any athlete who made the choice as a golfer to go play on the LIV Tour as opposed to staying on the PGA Tour,” Travis said.

Clay also highlighted the hypocrisy of the sports media and sports writers who are all of a sudden grilling these golfers who left the PGA for LIV.

“They’re doing the bidding of the PGA Tour, and they are grilling everyone affiliated with the LIV Tour,” Travis said.

“The hypocrisy is galling to me,” he emphasized.

Watch Clay Travis’ full take here:

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