Clay Travis on Kings Hiring Far-Left Moron Mark Jones, Flawed Sports Media

The Sacramento Kings fired Grant Napear for tweeting, “All Lives Matter.” Then the NBA franchise hired far-left moron Mark Jones of ESPN to take his place.

Jones is known for saying he’s afraid police will kill him when he’s announcing games, hating on cops after they are shot, mocking a player’s ACL injury, and calling President Donald Trump a “white supremacist terrorist.”

On OutKick the Show, Clay Travis reacts to the news and points out how flawed the sports media industry is. Watch below:

Napear will appear on Clay’s radio show later in the week.

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  1. “If you say anything far left wing, even if it’s racist, even if it’s sexist, you’re protected. You might even get a raise. You might even get a promotion, but if you say “all lives matter” on Twitter you get fired from a job you’ve been great at for 20 plus years.” -@ClayTravis

    Okaaaaay…but with all possible and due respect to what you’ve accomplished in your young life, which is seriously quite impressive, you could be shut down in the next year or two…your sponsors and your investors and your financiers could be threatened with hard times if they continue to support OKTC. You could find it very difficult to retain competent legal representation if your detractors decide to crush you. All these things and more could be yours, my son. And Rudyard Kipling won’t be enough to buck up your resolve. That’s where we’re moving thanks to your friends and neighbors who never voted for a Republican before or now, and who scoffed at you for your ‘Road To Damascus’ moment of clarity.

    • Rick, sorry I might not be following you right. Are you saying Clay should be careful of what he’s saying. I would be so sad to see that. Outkick is one of the only places I visit online as it’s the only place I feel like stands for true equality, compassion, and inclusiveness for all people.

      • Sadly, that’s what I’m saying, Richard. My point is that if President Trump’s legal teams (prestigious D.C. firms) in a couple of places can be threatened with economic blackmail, and fold up and go back to their posh offices and put out the “closed” sign, well, which of us is safe? Several high-profile Republicans have found that top shelf/white shoe legal representation is not available to them in the recent weeks. People getting doxed, their families getting doxed, their employers getting doxed, their sponsors and backers getting outed. Very sad. Just another page in the playbook.

  2. The spineless, gutless white coward owners in the NBA continue to capitulate to the racist players. So intimidated. I don’t know why any white person would pay to watch players that hate their guts.

  3. Check out the Clay Travis “Wins and Losses” interview with Grant Napear. What was done to Napear is disgusting and its clear that Demarcus Cousins set him up. I don’t want to give away too much of the interview but I recommend it. Prima Donna Cousins is a coward and Chris Webber and Matt Barnes should be ashamed of themselves. And then the Kings go and hire Mark Jones. Are you kidding me? Napear loses his job after 32 years of service for tweeting “ALL LIVES MATTER…EVERY SINGLE ONE” and gets replaced by Mark Jones. The NBA is losing me.

  4. If you watch the nba (aka Chinese Basketball Assn), then you support the firing of Grant Napear. You support the hiring of idiots like Mark Jones.

    I would suggest that Clay refuse to allow ANY discussion of the nba on his show. If I am listening to your fine show Clay, and you start talking about the nba, I will turn it OFF.

    I love you Clay but you are being a little bit of a hypocrite if you talk about how bad Twitter and Facebook are censoring speech in this country, and then you go directly to Twitter and check your “mentions.”

    I don’t have a Twitter account. I don’t have a personal facebook account (unfortunately my business does). I don’t give a damn what people on facebook or twitter or instagram have to say. I have managed to live my entire life and be pretty successful without groupthink and without constantly checking my facebook page to see what people are saying about what I had for lunch.

    Clay and Jason – put your checkbook where your mouth is and simply refuse to discuss anything having to do with the criminal enterprise known as the nba. Your listeners will get a break and you won’t lose anything. Danny G will get over it.

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