Clay Travis: LeBron James Near Top Of List Of Athletes Dividing America

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LeBron James is great at basketball, but that’s not at all he’s great at. He has also been great at dividing his fan base, according to OutKick founder Clay Travis.

In fact, James ranks near the top of 21st century athletes when it comes to ticking off people, Clay surmised on the Clay Sexton & Buck Sexton Show on Thursday.

James’ latest foray into non-basketball topics came on Twitter (where else?), when he weighed in on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. James has been viewed as a major hypocrite by both those who oppose his stances and even some of those who support him.

While he speaks out against social injustices, he has refrained from saying anything about the massive human rights violations and slavery going on in China, a country which pays him millions in sneaker and merchandising sales.

Nowhere is the NBA as popular as it is in China, and the entire league is trying to keep the relationship — and controversy that comes with it — on the down-low as much as possible. James is the NBA’s most popular player, and while he offers plenty of takes on social justice, he clearly is averse to mentioning things that might impact his bottom line.

“There’s a very strong argument that LeBron has done more as an athlete to divide America than maybe any athlete in the 21st century,” Clay said. “(Colin) Kaepernick probably is No. 1 on this list, but LeBron James is up there to a high degree.”

Check out Clay’s full thoughts in the video below and find more on the Clay & Buck Show at their website.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. LmbO…So.let me get this straight. According to lay and Buck. In the sports world and more specifically the basketball world. They don’t give a F what the haters have to say. No offense but sports aren’t dependent upon the Clay and the Bucks of the world. Not like Outkick, Fox News, American Renaissance Jarrod Taylor, Tucker Carlson or Richard Spencer will be thing over the sports world ANYTIME SOON
    …IJMFS. Btw..Isn’t Lebron James a BILLIONAIRE? Clay & Buck who?

    • He is not a Billionaire. Getting close, but you apparently didn’t read the article. He is amassing a huge fortune on then backs of Chinese slaves, while decrying social injustice here. Just read that OBJ signed with LA. Bron Bron probably already has the “free OBJ” “Staffordsucks” tweets saved and ready to go…Never OBJ’s fault. Gotta be the racist QBs fault.

    • Always look forward to a LeBron post to read BDL’s gibberish. Blah blah blah.. billionaire.. blah blah blah.. Oh don’t forget the acronyms. And be sure to insert the letter that best describes the color of your ass! Because that’s pretty damn important! LMF_AO. Only makes sense, right?! It’s trolls like this clown that make you laugh. Pays money to post bullshit on a website where he mostly disagrees with most of the content. How pathetic is that! You have a blessed day, you badd ass, you!

    • I see our house nigger has checked back in. What`s up my ball lickin` bitch? Your boy is the biggest hypocrite in the world. He`s giving a kid shit who`s about to go free because he should, but won`t talk about the slaves in China because he`s too busy sucking the chinese dick. Just shut up and dribble. Take the knee, boy…….

    • To include an open white supremacist with the rest of the names you listed just shows how stupid you really are. Keep voting for the same party that got you all excited about reparations around election time and haven’t mentioned it since. They are going to give illegals 450k per person though. How does that make you feel, to get played on race crap every election because they know how easy you are to manipulate and then do absolutely nothing for you. I’d be pissed off all the time too if I got played because of my emotions every 4 years. Wake up bud.

    • The NBA is dying in the US thanks to frauds like James. As Clay and Buck point out LeFraud is a hypocrite. He is also a complete moron, just like you, dummy. Learn how to compose grammatically correct sentences. BTW, to post here you must be paying Clay, stupid.

  2. Talking about LeBron is boring. The best thing the NBA can do is have him retire. The league has a diva as a figure head. WTF. Dr. J, Larry Bird, Jerry West, Oscar Robertson, Wilt, Bill Russell, Magic, Isiah, MJ, Kobe, etc. would all eat your fucking throat to win, LeBron wants to be everyone’s friend but is too mind fucked to realize he is a pawn in the bigger game. Good for LeBron he is rich, that and a bag of dicks will still get you dead at the end.

  3. “Throwsa Parks” might be the most clever nickname in history!

    If it wasn’t for LeBron’s athletic privilege from being born with the superior physical traits that made him an athletic superstar, the best job he could probably attain in the real world is probably a used car salesman. He is dumb as a box of rocks.

  4. Great Clay!

    Now apply everything you just said about LeBron to yourself. How is it even concievable that someone as smart as you are, with so many strong opinions on (almost) all topics, has absolutely no thoughts on election integrity? You do realize we have a major issue in our country regarding our “free and fair” elections? How about you take a few minutes and address this big white elephant? Or do you really believe dear leader, godless commie Joe Biden (most popular president ever, right?) and his wench sidekick got 81 million votes? Newsflash, our elections have been jacked with for the last 20 years and possibly more!

    Maybe it is possible your new corporate media overlords mandated that you “bend the knee” to them and keep your yap shut about this?

      • Clay claims to be a “first ammendment absolutist” and “always authentic” amongst other boasts. I can’t think of anything that violates our right to free speech more than stealing our votes.

        IMO, he took the big corporate $$ (they likely paid him to silence him) and sold his audience out. I have sent him several emails relating the past few months and get crickets. Wonder why??

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