Is Soccer Finally Starting To Be Cool In America? Clay Travis And Will Cain Discuss

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The next country set to host the World Cup will be the United States in 2026.

After rallying around the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team as they advanced to the knockout stage in the 2022 World Cup, Americans have a golden opportunity to build upon that excitement for the internationally beloved sport and make soccer a strength for the next generation of American athletes.

And with the winning culture come the wins.

Can The United States Be True Contenders in 2026?

OutKick founder Clay Travis joined The Will Cain Podcast to reflect on how a young U.S. soccer team with a puncher’s chance in this World Cup managed to revive an appeal for soccer.

Will Cain shared his thoughts on what the 2022 USMNT achieved this year, which is worth building upon moving forward.

“I think we’re on the rise. I think there’s, like, a lot of talent and just now gravitating towards soccer, some athletic talent out there. And I feel pretty optimistic about U.S. soccer in the future.”


He added, “There’s 300 million people. We have all the resources in the world. It’s just at this point in my mind, cultural.”

All in the sweet name of American exceptionalism.

Once Americans can integrate soccer into the culture in the same vein as basketball, the United States can see a rise to prominence in a long-overlooked sport like soccer.

Clay detailed that a rise in interest in the sport among American youths can also be an encouraging sign for eventual dominance in soccer by players from the United States.

“What I would say is where Europe has been so far ahead of its will is they put these 12-year-olds in soccer academies, and they’ve had millions more touches by the time they get to be 22 than our kids have,” Clay shared.

“I’m super optimistic that we will make around number 22. We went to the quarterfinals. We were in the Elite Eight, so to speak. I think we can make that run again and give ourselves a chance to get in the final four in 26, which is a really achievable goal to me.”

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