Clay Travis Joins Fox News To Talk Negative Effects That Transgender Athletes Are Having On Women’s Sports

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OutKick founder Clay Travis appeared on Fox News Friday to discuss the exclusive interview between OutKick’s Joe Kinsey and teammates of collegiate transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, and the ramifications in the long term.

Thomas is a male-to-female transgender athlete that is already smashing school records and making the future of the sport grim for female athletes across the U.S.

As the media champions Thomas’ disrupting of parity in women’s swimming, teammates and female viewers are growing increasingly concerned, and discouraged, with the future of women’s athletics, should more male-to-female contestants dominate their sports, as Thomas’ inclusion has suggested.

“These women feel as if they can’t speak out about what they see as a fundamental assault on the legitimacy fo a sport that they love: women’s swimming,” Clay said.

“These are women who have spent their entire lives trying to pursue swimming to the best of their ability,” he added.

Women at Penn and competitors have stayed silent regarding their issues with Thomas’ inclusion in the sport, also fearing a potential jeopardizing of their relationship to the institution, should they see the backlash.

“They thought they had a chance to win the Ivy League outright, that they were gonna have a really good team, then suddenly a male swimmer for three years on the men’s team decides to be a woman and is overwhelmingly the best swimmer in the Ivy League and is setting records the likes of which no one has been able to accomplish in this division of women’s swimming.”

“This is wrong, it shouldn’t be happening and it’s a direct assault on women’s athletics,” warned Clay. “This can represent the destructions of sports.”

Read Joe Kinsey’s exclusive two-part interview with anonymous teammates from Thomas’ swim team.

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  1. There was a lady, a liberal feminist, on Tucker Carlson’s show yesterday that made a great point, she has a book on the subject. That the word transgender has no meaning. And the reason for folks that even know this whole gender identity thing is stupid are still thrown off by the term as if it is a real thing. Even many hardcore conservatives don’t want to be looked at as insensitive to real world issues. But people are either men or women, that’s it. There is no transgender. If we stop using the word we can start to get men out of women’s bathrooms, lockers, prisons, playing fields etc.

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