Clay Travis: Joe Biden’s Presidency Has Lost You Gobs Of Money

Forget about Joe Biden’s embarrassing numbers at the polls, because that’s not the only thing that’s been declining since he became resident.

So are the dollars in your bank account, as OutKick founder Clay Travis noted.

“The stock market has officially gone negative under Joe Biden’s presidency. If you invested on the day Biden was inaugurated, 17 months later you have now lost money,” Travis wrote. “And that doesn’t even take into account the worst inflation in 40 years, which is costing us all far more.”

Inflation? How about gas prices being either near or over $5 per gallon in most states. And that’s just the most obvious example. Yet Biden continues to act like it’s all a-OK, business as usual.

Meanwhile, the poorest of Americans, the very people Biden promised to represent, are the ones suffering the most.

And don’t even get us started on his campaign rally cry of “I will end this,” about the coronavirus. Bottom line: If you voted for Biden, you are losing — a lot.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico is the assistant managing editor-newsdesk at OutKick. He is also the co-founder and senior writer at, and has covered the NBA for nearly 20 years, including his time at Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and CBS Sports. A native of Akron, Ohio, his writing career began in Wyoming.

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