Clay Travis: Is CNN+ The Greatest Flop In Streaming History?

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How do you cancel cancel culture? Give it a show in primetime and let plummeting audience numbers do the rest.

After CNN wrangled up its best talent to kick-start a new streaming service, CNN+, the network suffered a fate worse than The Athletic with the service’s decaying subscribership.

Unable to help himself, OutKick founder Clay Travis took a victory lap on Tuesday’s OutKick the Show.

Clay examined how the ultra-woke cast of CNN+ talent discovered — albeit the hard way — that real audiences don’t align with Twitter’s preferred content and politics.

“Who could’ve told you that hiring Rex Chapman and giving Brian Stelter and Jemele Hill shows and spending $300 million — which is what CNN spent on CNN+ — was maybe not gonna pan out?” Clay asked.

“On an average day, less than 10,000 people are watching CNN+,” he added, paying tribute to the failing streaming service.

“There are already talks about canceling CNN+, they have forecasted millions of subscribers, and that has not materialized in any single way.”


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Written by Alejandro Avila

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