Senator Marsha Blackburn Predicts A ‘Red Tsunami’ Next Month In Exclusive Interview With Clay Travis

Ahead of one of the most highly anticipated college football games of the season, the showdown between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Tennessee Volunteers, OutKick founder Clay Travis spoke to Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn in an OutKick exclusiveEven though Alabama is a substantial favorite, Senator Blackburn said she’s confident that this is the year for Tennessee football, with a “great quarterback who is ready for this,” and a “fans who are definitely ready for this:”

Beyond the game, Travis asked Blackburn about the devastating consequences of Biden administration policies on inflation, crime and the border.

Blackburn explained that in her conversations with fans around Knoxville, people have told her how expensive it’s become to even get to games in the first place, with the dramatic increase in the cost of gas, as well as the impact rising food prices have had on their lives.

Importantly, there also aren’t enough Hendon Hooker jerseys around the area to meet demand.

Hendon Hooker
Vols quarterback Hendon Hooker. (Getty Images)

Travis asked about the generational connection among SEC fans, and Blackburn said she’s “never seen anything like it,” with “grandparents, the kids, the grandkids” all there with “orange hats” trying to ensure that 2022 is UT football’s year.

Finally, she gave her thoughts on the upcoming midterm elections and how successful Republicans will be in November, “I think we’re going to have not just a ripple or a [red] wave,” Blackburn said, “I think it’s going to be more like a red tsunami.”

She continued, “People are tired of being broke. They are just tired of this. They are tired of the cost of food. They’re tired of the supply chain issues. And it’s going to be an opportunity for Republicans to show people what we can do and I’m ready for it.”

Tennessee-Alabama kicks off at 3:30pm Eastern on Saturday from Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, with the 6th ranked Volunteers looking to end Nick Saban’s run of dominance in the rivalry.

Written by Ian Miller

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