Clay Travis: Gruden Drama Comes Down To Words Vs. Actions

Jon Gruden is a goner as coach of the Las Vegas Raiders and probably from football altogether. All because of some offensive emails he sent a decade ago.

But is it hypocritical of the NFL to force Gruden out while allowing some other questionable characters to keep their jobs?

That’s something OutKick founder Clay Travis addressed on Twitter on Monday, then discussed with Buck Sexton on the Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show on Tuesday.

“Jon Gruden gets a DUI, or two DUIs, is arrested for domestic assault potentially — I think he might keep his job with no issues,” Clay said. “That’s the standard we’ve set on words vs. actions, right?”

In other words, it seems the NFL is more focused on the “words” part of things.

“There are people in the NFL (both past and present) who have stabbed individuals, they have beaten wives and girlfriends, they have engaged in felonious conduct, and they keep their jobs,” Buck added.

“For (Gruden) to lose his job based on things he said, or I should say, wrote, that he believed to be private — now, some of them were in very bad taste — I think that everybody probably knows that football players certainly have used that word to describe each other and stuff. So I think there’s different variations of seriousness of what the different terms used here are.”

For the full conversation, check out the audio below and be sure to check out the show daily from noon-3 p.m. EST.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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    • HEY FELLAS – BOYCOTT THE NFL…Stop watching, stop supporting their advertisers, and take the opportunity in your circles to do the same. John Gruden was one the best and most interesting coaches over the last 50 years and was what 80%+ of what NFL fans love… a REAL GUY! To continue to watch is to support the type of people who hate you… let that sink in.

  1. Who dug around & unearthed these emails, then released them? Seems to me there are too many people with nothing better to do, than search around for old Twitter comments, or emails to bring someone down, and for what reason?

  2. Call me cynical- but i don’t think this has anything to do with the content of the email…….

    While not outspoken as a conservative- he openly and repeatedly attacked the liberal orthodoxy within the NFL corporate woke office space- insulted the incompetent head of the union and called out Goodell in a way that most people agree with- and he had to go to send a message to anyone else…..

    He engaged in what can be described as “locker room talk” – said thing that are said on the field and in the locker room….. the stuff about Micheal Sam- how many subscribers did espn hemorrhage when they started covering Micheal Sams gayness 24/7……. They were so desperate to get an openly gay man into the NFL- and the fans could care less who’s butt he is interested in f*#kin- he couldn’t play and thats all anyone cared about ……. Except for Goodell and his hypersensitive croneys intent on making the NFL more gay………. To much testosterone and toxic manliness……. They are intent on destroying the NFL as a conservative tradition bastion of Maleness

  3. No, the NFL is not more focused on the “words” of things as we know if certain people use words they still get as free a pass as a DUI, sexual assault, ad infinitum. Same goes for the NBA. LeFake never got flak from the league for his #accountability with a sand clock for the officer in Ohio who protected the life of the black chick about to get stabbed by another sista.

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