Clay Travis: ESPN Has Turned Itself Into The Worldwide Leader Of Mask Policing

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ESPN is becoming the worldwide leader in COVID-related sports coverage as part of its new programming technique.

OutKick founder Clay Travis has always found a niche with reaching sports fans tired of the COVID theater and woke politics. He rightfully called out the network’s latest highlight on mask-wearing, stemming from a cringing moment on Wednesday night.

Highlighting an appearance made by Cowboys wideouts CeeDee Lamb and Amari Cooper at a Dallas Mavericks game, an ESPN chyron read that the two receivers were spotted “sitting next to Clayton Kershaw, all were not wearing masks.”

“They went to the Mavericks game last night in Dallas. ESPN put up a chronological order at the bottom of the screen, a headline that said that all three of those guys went to the game without wearing masks,” Clay shared on OutKick the Show.

He added that the sports outlet has failed to acknowledge the reality of the data in their pursuit for COVID-branded drama focused in on masks and vaccine.

“Masks, first of all, by and large, don’t work. That’s what the data would reflect,” Clay said. “If masks worked, we wouldn’t be setting new highs every single day for COVID.”

“But the idea than ESPN — a sports network — would be the mask police, looking at athletes going to watch a Dallas Mavericks game, where masks are not required, certainly is absurd that that would be the headline that ESPN would pull out of that mix.”

While ESPN takes the brunt of the negative effects in their new angle — hemorrhaging viewership and credibility — the insanity it inspires eventually finds its way to real life, challenging the livelihood of those that accept the data.

Joining the idiocy is the NCAA — which has now mandated its young athletes to be boostered in order to be considered “fully vaccinated.”

“We’re talking about healthy young people, ages 18-22; in order to be considered ‘fully vaccinated,’ they now are going to require an additional booster. We are talking about virtually a zero percent risk to these kids.

“They are already vaccinated, many of them have already COVID, … and yet the NCAA is now going to mandate boosters for all of them? Even though they are for young men in particular significant issues that could arise healthwise … “

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