Clay Travis: Deshaun Watson Story Is A Colossal Mess

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Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson’s sexual misconduct and assault allegations continue to get worse as the signal-caller was at the center of a new report by the New York Times earlier this week.

“Could there be an investigation into the investigation of Deshaun Watson?” OutKick founder Clay Travis asked on Wednesday’s OutKick The Show.


Travis said there could be an investigation into Watson’s criminal investigation in Houston to see if it was inappropriately influenced.

The Times reported that the investigation may have been influenced by the QB’s legal camp having inappropriate contact between Watson’s attorney and the district attorney’s office.

Here’s everything Clay Travis had to say on the topic:

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  1. You mean the George Soros funded DA Kim Ogg might be corrupt and able to be bought out by Rusty Hardin/Waston/McNair. Cal McNair has turned the franchise into a joke. Him giving Bill O’Brien complete control to trade the 2nd best receiver in the history of the team for a #2 and a one-legged running back and then giving 2 #1’s for a Left Tackle.

    Then, the only thing McNair did about Watson was to pay him is full $40+ million salary and have him sit the entire season.

    Everything that happens to this organization is well desesrved. If someone goes to jail, that would be just fine.

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