Clay Travis Breaks Down the Debate

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Throw in the towel. Tonight, President Donald Trump scored a definitive win over Joe Biden.

Clay Travis discusses the entire debate on OutKick the Show:

“This is the best debate Donald Trump has had in his political career,” Clay Travis tweets. “Awful night for Joe Biden so far.”

And then there was the KO:

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  1. Hey Clay…you’re RIGHT about the Russia KO.
    I commented on Bobby’s write-up that I thought Trump won a unanimous decision/maybe TKO full 10 round match…but hindsight being what it is, and reading your take…totally agree!!!
    And definitely his best debate ever for sure.

  2. Trump kicked some ass. Mumbling bumbling creepy senile criminal racist pervert crazy Joe Biden opened the door for crackhead Hunter bribery pipeline discussion. The moderator was surprisingly fair considering that she was a Biden intern and celebrated Christmas err Winter Solstice with Mr & Mrs DictatorO.

  3. To me, the incredible thing is that Biden took 4 days to prepare for the debate, and THAT was the best he could do? Yikes. Imagine if he was ACTUALLY President and had to confront world events in real time, without 4 days prep.

  4. Trump kicked Biden’s ass in spite of being interrupted by the moderator over 100 times. Also, most questions were framed from a Democratic point of view. No surprise since Welker and her family are big time Dems. With new Biden crime family info coming out everyday China Joe might go down as the second most corrupt Presidential candidate in history (tough to beat Hillary).

  5. If you want to see what happens when the White House and the Media align with their own narrative/politics, go back and watch “The Running Man”! Not only is it a great movie, but it paints the picture we are heading into if Biden wins. Whatever the White House does to crush the economy, jobs and enrich China, the media will spin the story however they want to promote the narrative so everyone thinks what the media says is truth.
    We really need people like Clay and Jason to get more traction so people can actually hear the real truth once in a while.

  6. Just remembered two more great lines by the President when he said,
    “I’m here because of you Joe…I ran for president because of you and Obama, Joe” BOOM!
    And the followup:
    “I got into politics and LOST money…Joe got into politics to MAKE money!!!” BOOM..BOOM!!!

    • Hey David…It’s called Biden, Inc. and they actually have used that moniker themselves.
      Course, Joe’s not the best…but neither was Hillary…corrupt to the core, and all the party “faithful” would be feeding off “the BIG GUY” for at least the next four years, or until he declared US bankruptcy and told the ChiComParty to take whatever assets they want. That’s not a joke, btw.
      Trump and the West might just calculate a repayment schedule for shipping the virus worldwide and take China’s bonds that are already in the banking system as payment.

  7. What annoyed me most about last night’s debate was how many OBVIOUS, and easily debunked, LIES Biden told — with NO follow-up questions from the moderator as ANY objective journalist would have done. I do not believe Biden was having a senior moment and unwittingly told so many lies. I think he INTENTIONALLY lies his butt off because he KNOWS the Fake New is NOT going to fact check anything he says. And, good lord, although I have to give Trump credit for at least trying to get Biden to explain his HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE international misconduct with his son Hunter, the moderator just toed the same line as Pelosi and Joe and pretended there was nothing of consequence worth talking about.

  8. I concur with your takes Mr. Travis, especially it’s back to 50/50 and that bodes very well for the President. If the playing field was tipped towards Trump the way that it is for Biden, everyone would be calling this over. “You are all talk, no action, Joe.”

  9. Was that an Apple watch Biden wore? If so, do you suppose he was looking for a text from his camp on how to answer the question?? The poor man didn’t have his trusty teleprompter for read for help!!! He’s no good for our country!

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